Friday, January 31, 2014

Holy Tabbs Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by HolyTabbs asking if I was interested in reviewing their product.  I am always interested in trying new products, especially where the Gospel is concerned.  My obvious answer was "yes".

HolyTabbs is a companion scripture study tool that goes along with Preach My Gospel.  They have researched hundreds of scriptures that go along with the topcis of study.  It is taking e a while to mark and tab all the scriptures.  As I am doing this, I am studying, too.  My favorite topic of study to mark and tab has been the attributes of Christ.

My only drawback I have found with the system, has been those little tiny tabs.  In truth, I feel all thumbs.  Plus, I can't seem to line them up as nicely as HolyTabbs has done.  Although they do suggest drawing guidelines down the side of your scriptures, which I didn't want to do.  So I guess, if I had followed their directions, I would be more pleased with their alignment.  One thing I have found that is nice are the tabs are removable if you are careful.  I tried because of misalignment, and it peeled right up and I was able to replace it correctly.

HolyTabbs also sent a set for my Missionary to review.  To be honest, this system would have been so helpful to him at the beginning of his mission.  Miguel is on the countdown to come home.  He has five months left!  Miguel promised to share his thoughts on HolyTabbs as soon as he has a chance to implement them into his Gospel Study.

If you have a missionary heading out or if you are interested in this Gospel Study that coincides with Preach My Gospel, then I definitely recommend you checking out the HollyTabbs system.

**Per FTC regulations, I am stating that this is a Sponsored post. 
 I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review.**

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The things that matter most...

My parents who are blessed to live by all their children and grandchildren have decided to move twelve hours away to live near friends.  They have many other reasons for the move, but that's the only one I can hear.  It is like a spear to my heart...I'm not fun enough, I don't make them happy, I'm not good enough.  I was not enough to keep my parents in the same town as their children and grandchildren.  It's selfish of me, I know, but I'm angry, upset, confused...I long for the days of being emotionally constipated.

They don't understand why I'm upset.  They want to sit and talk about it....It's done and said, there is nothing they can say that will ever make me understand their why's.

My word of the year is Brave, how was I to know that I would need to be Brave so soon.  So soon after being selected as a leader of the youth, too.  There are blessings in these words of the year.  The inner, mental and emotional focus on being brave will help me get through these challenges...I'm grateful to Heavenly Father who impressed upon me the need to focus on being Brave.

Have you had to be Brave lately?  

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hold to the Rod {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

Source:  Elder Jones

January 20, 2014

Tough week! For real! 
We have had a lot of disappointments this week but that usually means we are doing something right! Satan is just trying to salt my game!!! But really we had that guy, Cedric, who came to church and had read like 50% of the Book of Mormon, and we taught him. It went well and we were going back 2 days later and he missed the appointment and called the member we were with and said he couldn't take two 20 year olds seriously.  He didn't think he could learn from us!!! Well that hurt my feelings! The Lord says you should be submissive as a child, and that he will call upon the weak to thrash the earth with his word! So that's my venting it made me sad. Then we had to drop Dorsey because he wasn't progressing, and it seemed like no matter what we said he just ignored it even when the spirit was there! So there are my sad things this week. Other than that this week has been pretty long.  

In 1 Nephi 8, in the vision of the tree of life there are two groups one hung on to the rod of iron continually and stead fast, and the other clung to the rod but fell away after they tasted of the tree! We always have to be using the scriptures not just when we have doubts or trials but when we do not! I thought that was cool!!!"

Hamer out

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Come Unto Christ

"Come Unto Christ" is the theme this year in leading the youth at church.  Come is an action word.  Come unto Christ is an invitation to move towards Him.  He is waiting with open arms for us to take those first faith filled steps in His direction.  But, how can we do that?  How can we Come Unto Christ?  I believe it is in worshipping Him, prayers, scriptures study and trying to emulate His behaviors to our fellow men.  Loving words, smiles, kindness, service...As we study His life, we can know Him and become like Him and Come Unto Him....we can be perfected in Him through his Grace.

I'm grateful for this theme.  As I start my day, I think about how can I come unto Him today? Then I try to reevaluate in the evening...What did I do today to Come Unto Christ?

Take time to reflect on what you can do to Come Unto Christ, 
today and every day.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Miguel's Testimony {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

Source:  Elder Jones

January 13, 2014

"Well this week was sweet!!!!

My new companion is Elder Jones! He is a cool kid.  Kinda quiet.  I  was his District Leader for a while so we know each other pretty well already! He is a crazy artist draws awesome pictures I will email one he drew of Captain Moroni! 

This week we taught a lot of cool people! I don't know where to start.  Well,  we dont have anyone on baptismal date, but we have a lot of people keeping commitments and praying about dates. We are still teaching Dorsey but he is having a hard time progressing because everytime he reads he gets mad because he feels like he can't understand the scriptures.  He gets upset, but we told him to pray one night and he said he felt like God told him to have patience. Then we met a lady named Trida and she is pregnant.  We were teaching her, and she told us she was going to get an abortion because the father didn't want to deal with the baby.  We taught her doctrine about life and invited her to ask God.  She decided it was wrong because she made the choices that resulted in pregnancy. So that was cool!  

We are teaching this asian lady named Jon. and we took a member over who spoke Chinese.  The whole time she just talked about home much we had changed in her, and she looked at me and said, "I think he would die for what he believes, i wish i was where he is."  It was really humbling, and powerful. I know that it is only by Christ that I have gotten to this point.  I dont have much time on the mission left but the change that has occured in my heart, I believe, has forever changed my life. I'm so greatful for the mercy and love God has for me and the chances He gives me and the forgivness that comes. God's hand is truely visible, and redemption comes only through Christ. 

Elder Hamer

Helaman 5:12 "And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."

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Friday, January 17, 2014

A Taste of Summer

It's winter, it's cold, and right about now I'm craving a bit of summer.  Sitting by the campfire and roasting s'more's may be a few months off, but this easy, little recipe gives me a little taste of summer.  I recently made this for a gathering of youth who got together to play *indoor* camp games.

S'More Snack Mix

1 Box of Golden Graham cereal
1 small bag of mini marshmallows
1 small bag of milk chocolate chips

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Myth Busted

We anxiously checked the weather.  They were calling for freezing rain followed by snow which would make for treacherous morning driving.  School closures seemed eminent and  Ladybug, despite a two week break for Christmas, secretly longed for a snow day.  There is something special about a snow day.  It's like you are getting away with something, but it's okay.

Superstitious myths were passed by word of mouth.  Things that would *guarantee* a snow day.  Dutifully Ladybug followed through on each and every one.

  1. Flush ice cubes down the toilet
  2. Sleep with your pajamas backwards
  3. Sleep with a spoon under your pillow
Morning came with just a small dusting of snow and zero school closures and major disappointment.  Despite all the measures taken, Ladybug had to go to school, and thus the Myth of how to ensure a Snow Day was busted.  

What is it that make Snow Days so different, special and longed for?

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting Back Up and {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

January 6, 2014

       So I fell down a hill three times in 10 minutes.  That's my funny story for the week. I was walking up a hill and the Elder I was with told me to look behind me and I slipped as I looked back and I fell on my stomach!   :p Then we were walking back the other way and I just slipped on wet grass and ripped a whole on the seam of my pants.  We were then walking along the side walk and I had just fallen the second time and I was a little upset haha so I was going to eat a granola bar.  I said "thats it!" and right as I said that and pulled out the bar and looked at it, I stepped in a hole and tripped. I just had to get back up.  It was so funny!
     This week was sweet as we had some boss lessons and the sisters that cover UGA had no one on campus for a week so they went door to door in our area and gave us like 15 referrals. We taught a bunch of people! We had 29 lessons this week between members, investigators, and less actives! It was cool!!  We taught a bunch of people on first contact but they didn't really progress.  It was fun teaching that much, though. We had 2 investigators at church, one guy was named Wes and we have taught him twice now.  The other guy was named Anthony and he was brought by a recent convert.  We think we might be teaching him soon.   Wes is cool We taught him last night and he read like 4 chapters more than we had asked him to in the Book of Mormon in one day. We taught him about the restoration. It was interesting because he goes to a bunch of churches and he didn't even know what Christ was supposed to save us from! We taught about how we all fall short of the glory of God and how through the restored gospel we can be redeemed.  It was a good lesson. We are still teaching Dorsey, we had a lesson with him about real intent and it was going really well.  But then he realized he wasn't putting his full effort in it and got really down on himself right before we left.  We went back yesterday and talked about how through the grace of Christ we can repent and do better, that sometimes we mess up and we feel like we just can't do our best and how Christ's grace can help us.  It was super good!

But that's all I got today!!!

Hamer out!"

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Friday, January 10, 2014

A Major Award

Back in the year of our Lord 2013, in the month on December on the day of the 16th, I attended a late doctors appointment with KT.  On our way home at 5:45 Ladybug was texting us that she was hungry, and anything I could make wouldn't be ready until at least 7:30.  We decided on that day and in that hour of our hunger needs to stop at McDonalds.  We NEVER eat at McDonald's...well rarely anyway.    I ordered my Big Mac and fries in a moment of weakness.  When we got home we realized there were game tickets to pull.  As I pulled my ticket off my fries, I realized the printing was too small, that I either needed my glasses or to squint.  As I squinted, I made out the words that said I had won and Xbox One and a game.  I couldn't believe it!  People really do win these things!!

I really don't play many games, however when Miguel gets home from his mission he will be thrilled to have it.  It was a Christmas miracle, a Major Award, and that is the end of my story.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Missionary Work and Christmas Phone Calls {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

December 23, 2013

"Well, I have the call on Christmas so I probably won't write much. This week has been pretty sweet we schedule a guy named Dorsey for baptism and taught him 4 times.  We took him on a church tour, the spirit was super strong!!!! I was pumped afterwards!!!! But then he missed church because someone borrowed his car..... bummer. Then we were going door to door in this apartment complex, and me met this dude who was praying for guidance from God the night before.  We taught him the restoration and he was so excited!!!! We came back and he canceled and came back again and he was drunk. People just struggle with change sometimes no matter what they feel! This week has been crazy as we have just been in the right place at the right time way too much!!!  We went out "faith walking" at 8:30 because we ran out of stuff to do.  We ran into one of our investigators who is an old single lady walking home by herself in the dark with 3 heavy bags from the store.  She said she had just been praying for the Lord to make sure she got home safe! It was sweet! We then went to an appointment, and they weren't there.  We were like hey Krystal (a recent convert) lives right around the corner. We showed up and she looked super down and while my companion was saying hi to her kids I was like "what is wrong you look down?" and she said she was about to change her beliefs. Turns out her home teacher had chastised her for struggling with smoking and asked her if she was living the law of chastity, and he has no right or to ask that.  She was super upset. We had to talk her through it and apologize.  I was just so glad we were there right at the right time.  It was sick!!!!!!

Well that's all I got! Forgot my camera so no pics!  Talk to you on Christmas!"

Hamer out!
Alma 7:7 "For behold, I say unto you there be many things to come; and behold, there is one thing which is of more importance than they all-for behold, the time is not far distant that the Redeemer liveth and cometh among his people." 
December 30, 2013

So Christmas! Well I told the family basically everything on Christmas during the phone call.  Because of the holiday, we got in with like no one so I really have like nothing to say..........I have a ton to do today as well. next week will be a long email I promise!!!!"

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Be Brave

Back in 2012, along with many other bloggers, I participated in the Word of the Year.  My word that year was Simplify...I simplified in many areas of my life from physical clutter to spiritual clutter to clutter of my time uses.  Then came 2013, and the word that chose me was Grateful.  That word was life changing and I will forever be focusing on it daily.  Shortly before December I decided that the word of 2014 would be Brave.  I had been asked to teach a group of women on Sundays.  It was a stretch spiritually as well as, my nerves just being frayed speaking in front of my peers.  So Brave for 2014 has become my motto.

Since then, I have been asked to do even harder things through 2014.  I have been asked to run our Youth organization over the Young be their mentor, their leader, helping them learn to Come Unto Christ.  I have chosen several wonderful, strong, Christ-filled women to serve alongside me.   I am grateful for this experience, and I know that as I Simplify and prioritize, I will have the time to devote to this awesome responsibility.  It is interesting to me how these two words have helped prepare me for being Brave.  However, I am humble and nervous.  Scared, yet excited.  I am a paradox.  I know that as I am Brave, that "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  Philipians 4:13.

What hard things have you been asked to do? 
Have you chosen a 'Word of the Year'?

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Growing and Branding {What is this thing?} and 10 Reasons Why I Won't

I've been doing a lot of reading on the internet on "branding" your blog.  I've been blogging since 2008 and my follower numbers just aren't growing as high as some people who have been blogging just as long.  What is this thing called branding?

  • Having something specific readers come for
  • Having an online identity, name, tagline, logo, etc
  • Consistent personality
  • Something that makes your blog different

Here are ten reasons why my blog will never be branded and grow:

  1. I will never monetize and take advertising.  Although I will do a review from time to time when something I think my readers might like is offered.
  2. I can't focus on just one topic.  I might blog some home decorating, craft, spiritual thoughts, funny experiences, recipe, and/or family trip.  My blog is just as well rounded as I try to make my life.  I just can't make my blog one sided.
  3. I will never create a Facebook page for my blog.
  4. I don't get twitter, so I'll probably never use it.
  5. While I use pinterest, there isn't much pinterest worthy that I pin from my own blog.
  6. I participate in a few link ups, but I don't have a desire to aggressively participate or host.
  7. I know a lot of people follow blogs, just to try to get more followers without ever really reading the other persons's all about numbers.  Not so for me, if I follow you, I am reading what you have to say.  It is important to me and enriches my life somehow.
  8. I have and do write for several other sites, Pear Shaped Thoughts and MMB, but I haven't the time to search out other sites to contribute.
  9. I find the whole idea of pursing the blog growing and branding so impersonal.
  10. I write for me.  I hope that others will stumble across my blog, follow and share what they think is noteworthy either through google+, pinterest, or sharing. 

Have you tried to "brand" your blog?  
What have you found successful?

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013! Hello 2014!

As I end my time of "Hush", I wish you a Happy New Year!  As everyone does, we reflect on our experiences, some good and some not so good,  and blessing of 2013 as we move forward into 2014.

Below is a list of my twelve top posts, experiences, thoughts and blessings of 2013 all tied up like a nice little gift just for you.

  1. January - That time I changed my mind about my "Word of the Year"
  2. February - My feelings on the Emasculation of the American Man
  3. March - My top visited and pinned post of March - Easter Advent
  4. April - My most favorite post in April Journaling and Gratitude
  5. May - Top Visited post of May is Pervert in the Parking Lot
  6. June - As a girl's camp counselor this past summer, my post on Camp crafts had the most visits and pins.
  7. July - During the month of my anniversary, I offer some marriage advice.
  8. August - Who I Am received the most views in August
  9. September - Was a painful month, well the whole summer, really.  But September was worse and thus affected my writing.  However, this October post sums up the Miracles I experienced in September.  
  10. October - Sharing lessons I learned when I was dependent on others in "When Someone is Suffering."
  11. November - My thoughts and feelings on the typhoon in Tacloban in "When Prayers Aren't Enough..."
  12. December - "Spiritually Preparing for a More Simple Christmas" was my most hit on article of December

However my most favorite blog posts and oftentimes the least viewed are the series called "Miguel's Missionary Moment".  This is where my Missionary son shares his experiences and thoughts on Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Thanks for being an avid reader in 2013 and here is to more noteworthy posts in 2014!

Which was your favorite or most memorable post from 2013?  
**Hint** it doesn't have to be from  my blog...

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