Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Turn Toward the Light – The Son

Remember when I wrote about turning toward the sun and my obsession with light? 

Well, as I turn toward Him and give my devotion and focus to Him, my heart warms like the sun outside warming my skin in the most delightful way.  When I spend time with Him, when I turn toward the Son, praying, reading and pondering on the scriptures I feel so close to Him that my heart warms.  It’s a weird phenomenon really. 

But likewise, when I pull away…I can do it myself or sadly just too busy to spend time with Him, I feel that withdrawal.  It’s a cold dark place not basking in His life giving light.  Just like the thick inversion outside my window, I can often feel a thick inversion in my heart.  I know this is something that can be completely avoided.  I know how to prevent it like a spiritual inoculation. 

I just have to remember…

I have to remember Him….

I have to let Him in...

How do you avoid the thick inversions of the heart? 

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  1. The cold, dark air versus the light and warmth of the sun, there's no comparison. Likewise, it's the same familiar sense when we're either close or far from the Son, if we're open or closed to His work in our hearts. I've enjoyed your post today, Lisa. Friends who hold me accountable are key for me to avoiding thick aversions of the heart. They beckon me to not be afraid, complacent, or slow, but to draw close and allow Him access. (Visiting you today from #Coffeeforyourheart.)

  2. Love it! Today I was so grateful for Heavenly Father hearing and answering prayers. I was approved to start part time work than I expected and I just KNOW He is thinking of me and my little family. It's amazing isn't it?! To think the Creator of the Universe cares about little ol me!!! AND YOU :)

  3. Beautiful thought and analogy, Lisa, I think that gratitude is a big key to being open to the wonderful feelings of the spirit. Remembering each blessing and giving thanks, then sharing our blessings with others. These are some things that bring joy to my soul.


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