Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Myth Busted

We anxiously checked the weather.  They were calling for freezing rain followed by snow which would make for treacherous morning driving.  School closures seemed eminent and  Ladybug, despite a two week break for Christmas, secretly longed for a snow day.  There is something special about a snow day.  It's like you are getting away with something, but it's okay.

Superstitious myths were passed by word of mouth.  Things that would *guarantee* a snow day.  Dutifully Ladybug followed through on each and every one.

  1. Flush ice cubes down the toilet
  2. Sleep with your pajamas backwards
  3. Sleep with a spoon under your pillow
Morning came with just a small dusting of snow and zero school closures and major disappointment.  Despite all the measures taken, Ladybug had to go to school, and thus the Myth of how to ensure a Snow Day was busted.  

What is it that make Snow Days so different, special and longed for?

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  1. When I was growing up, we'd huddle by the radio on snowy days, just waiting for the DJ to list our school in the closures. If we got one, we'd be so excited! (I'm not sure my mom was.) Oh boy, sled riding, snowmen and hot chocolate! Fond memories. Now, we live in the mountains where snow is a 7 or 8 month way of life. Nothing closes the schools. My kids don't know that special, secret joy of a snow day!

  2. From a teacher perspective - I love snow days!!! Knowing you can sleep in and stay warm and cozy in bed for a few more hours is the best. Eddie has a special snow dance he does. :) From a parent perspective - not so exciting! The kids just drive each other crazy most of the time. haha!! We had 4 snow days right after winter break and we had another one today! The ones after winter break were called off the night before. It's just not as exciting when you already know you have school off. There's something special about that phone call in the morning....


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