Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting Back Up and {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

January 6, 2014

       So I fell down a hill three times in 10 minutes.  That's my funny story for the week. I was walking up a hill and the Elder I was with told me to look behind me and I slipped as I looked back and I fell on my stomach!   :p Then we were walking back the other way and I just slipped on wet grass and ripped a whole on the seam of my pants.  We were then walking along the side walk and I had just fallen the second time and I was a little upset haha so I was going to eat a granola bar.  I said "thats it!" and right as I said that and pulled out the bar and looked at it, I stepped in a hole and tripped. I just had to get back up.  It was so funny!
     This week was sweet as we had some boss lessons and the sisters that cover UGA had no one on campus for a week so they went door to door in our area and gave us like 15 referrals. We taught a bunch of people! We had 29 lessons this week between members, investigators, and less actives! It was cool!!  We taught a bunch of people on first contact but they didn't really progress.  It was fun teaching that much, though. We had 2 investigators at church, one guy was named Wes and we have taught him twice now.  The other guy was named Anthony and he was brought by a recent convert.  We think we might be teaching him soon.   Wes is cool We taught him last night and he read like 4 chapters more than we had asked him to in the Book of Mormon in one day. We taught him about the restoration. It was interesting because he goes to a bunch of churches and he didn't even know what Christ was supposed to save us from! We taught about how we all fall short of the glory of God and how through the restored gospel we can be redeemed.  It was a good lesson. We are still teaching Dorsey, we had a lesson with him about real intent and it was going really well.  But then he realized he wasn't putting his full effort in it and got really down on himself right before we left.  We went back yesterday and talked about how through the grace of Christ we can repent and do better, that sometimes we mess up and we feel like we just can't do our best and how Christ's grace can help us.  It was super good!

But that's all I got today!!!

Hamer out!"

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