Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blogging, Balance and BSU Monkey Hats

Something has been missing, and it isn't just my blog.  My blog has been my outlet for creating whether it be words or inspiration I receive from other bloggers.  Something has been missing, and I felt a little inkling of it today...A little spark of creativity coming alive, a longing to return to the living not just the surviving and create.

I'm struggling with balance...working full-time, keeping a house, leading a youth organization, being a wife and mother, etc.  It's hard, I don't know how people do it and still have time for themselves and things they enjoy doing.

I was going through my blog list today and clicking on blogs I hadn't read in a while.  Many of them hadn't posted in over a year!  There was no message saying they needed to take a break...nope, they were just gone.  I started wondering about them, these people I had come to know and their absence.  I suppose someone might be wondering the same of me...maybe, I hope anyway.  Because that means I made an impact on someone, somewhere at some point.

My point is, I'm back, but in a low stress, I'll post when I want to kind of way.  But, I'm back and I definitely need your help in re kindling my passion for life and not getting all caught up in the have to's because they are squashing my creative spirit.

How do you maintain balance in all the craziness?

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