Monday, January 6, 2014

Be Brave

Back in 2012, along with many other bloggers, I participated in the Word of the Year.  My word that year was Simplify...I simplified in many areas of my life from physical clutter to spiritual clutter to clutter of my time uses.  Then came 2013, and the word that chose me was Grateful.  That word was life changing and I will forever be focusing on it daily.  Shortly before December I decided that the word of 2014 would be Brave.  I had been asked to teach a group of women on Sundays.  It was a stretch spiritually as well as, my nerves just being frayed speaking in front of my peers.  So Brave for 2014 has become my motto.

Since then, I have been asked to do even harder things through 2014.  I have been asked to run our Youth organization over the Young be their mentor, their leader, helping them learn to Come Unto Christ.  I have chosen several wonderful, strong, Christ-filled women to serve alongside me.   I am grateful for this experience, and I know that as I Simplify and prioritize, I will have the time to devote to this awesome responsibility.  It is interesting to me how these two words have helped prepare me for being Brave.  However, I am humble and nervous.  Scared, yet excited.  I am a paradox.  I know that as I am Brave, that "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  Philipians 4:13.

What hard things have you been asked to do? 
Have you chosen a 'Word of the Year'?

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  1. Oh I will look forward to seeing how this word plays out for you this year. Interestingly, my guiding phrase this year is Fear Not (similar concept, I think). I have lived most of my life doing what is good for other people, being aware of their thoughts and needs-- this, of course is a good thing, but it came at a price of putting myself on the back burner. So much of it was done out of fear: what will they think? So this year, I step out and will try to identify when fear is motivating me and walk through it anyway. Here's to us! May being courageous open all kinds of doors.

  2. You will be a great Young Women's president! And you will lead those girls in learning how to be brave in a world that is constantly trying to put them down and degrade their values.

  3. Oh good luck. You'll pull it off. I love that word.

  4. Good word! I think I will follow by your side this year and my word will be FAITH. "All things are possible to him that believeth." or She that believeth! You are an inspiration to those around you.


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