Saturday, May 24, 2014

Missionary Countdown!!

One more month!!
Boy this is going to go slow!!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Back in the Day

Back in the day, I had a lot of things to talk about.  Posts flowed out of me like diarrhea of the mouth...(that's a very talkative person if you didn't know).  These days I'm feeling even more introverted.  Things are going on, but I'm finding myself in a place where my thoughts have become bottled up. and I just can't seem to tip the writer's block and pour it out.

Life happens, things happen, there is stuff to blog about.  But, I find myself wondering if anyone really cares about my every day mundane.  Because it is my every day mundane, it is not mundane, but others might be like, eh...

So, as I get over myself and figure things out and try to uncork this bottle I have found myself stuck in, know that I am still here.  Just a little eh...

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Letter's from Georgia {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

For Mother's Day I got to FaceTime with this guy...So excited to see his face and talk to him...only 44 more days, but who's counting

I also received a letter this week from someone I don't even know.  It was from a woman, a mama, in Sugar Hill, Georgia, that know my son.  Such a sweet letter and so timely for mama's day...

Here it was it said,

"Hi my name is **** I am in the Sugar Hill Ward where your son is currently serving.  As a mother who has an almost 18 year old son, I want to thank you for all you've done to help your son become who he is today.

He has been helping my son with his Eagle Project for the last couple of weeks.  Your son is sic a hard worker and is such a great example to my son of being a great missionary.  Our son has gone out with him tracking and my husband and I appreciate what a fine young man you have raised.

I felt inspired to write you this letter to thank you for your sacrifice of sharing your son with us.  Sometimes being a mom is very hard but know have raised a son who loves the Lord, his fellowman and knows the church is true."

And, that, my dear blogging friends, is a letter to be treasured always.  

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I totally meant to post this yesterday, but you know how things get...Life happens, we get busy.  We are moms.  KT took me out on Friday night and we saw Mom's Night Out.  I totally loved this movie, totes, I really did.  Not one swear word, it was funny and sweet and, yes, I may have shed a tear.  Take a look at the trailer....

On another yet similar note, this is a really awesome youtube video honoring moms from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

And, one more because I'm on a roll, here is a video Alex Boye' put together with Mom Bloggers United.  It is a cover of Roar by Katy Perry honoring Moms.

Happy Mother's Day to all my blogging Mama's.  
Enjoy your special day.  

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Friday, May 2, 2014

On giving up soda

Once upon a time, I was addicted to diet Cherry Coke.  I loved it....I still do.  But, I've made the conscious effort to give up soda...for the most part.  I have allowed myself one per week.  Maybe at some point I'll be ready to give that up completely, too.  I feel like giving myself an A for effort, though.  When I learned that Diet caused the same insulin response as full sugar, I switched to the full sugar for my once a week and a little less chemicals.

I have been pushing to drink tons of water, but sometimes that can get boring.  Some things I have found that are a bit less caustic than soda are the Mio flavor enhancers.  When the meal just requires a soda, like pizza or tacos, then I have splurged on Zevia brand soda. It is found in the natural foods section and is sweetened with Stevia, a plant based, natural sweetener that does not cause an insulin response.

Here is an interesting article on Water vs Coke.  It really is a no brainer, but sometimes I have to see it in writing for me to really internalize what that soda is doing to me.

I know I'm not perfect, but these little baby steps are pointing me in the right direction.

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