Monday, January 27, 2014

Hold to the Rod {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

Source:  Elder Jones

January 20, 2014

Tough week! For real! 
We have had a lot of disappointments this week but that usually means we are doing something right! Satan is just trying to salt my game!!! But really we had that guy, Cedric, who came to church and had read like 50% of the Book of Mormon, and we taught him. It went well and we were going back 2 days later and he missed the appointment and called the member we were with and said he couldn't take two 20 year olds seriously.  He didn't think he could learn from us!!! Well that hurt my feelings! The Lord says you should be submissive as a child, and that he will call upon the weak to thrash the earth with his word! So that's my venting it made me sad. Then we had to drop Dorsey because he wasn't progressing, and it seemed like no matter what we said he just ignored it even when the spirit was there! So there are my sad things this week. Other than that this week has been pretty long.  

In 1 Nephi 8, in the vision of the tree of life there are two groups one hung on to the rod of iron continually and stead fast, and the other clung to the rod but fell away after they tasted of the tree! We always have to be using the scriptures not just when we have doubts or trials but when we do not! I thought that was cool!!!"

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