Saturday, January 31, 2009

And the Verdict Is.....

The verdict is:
TO GYM... What the heck! It's only $20.00 Kevin says he knows women cost money and besides he doesn't want a FAT WIFE THANKS, CHUBS! (It's all in good fun, he loves me whatever size I am).

Red & Yellow Spice

The colors red and yellow bring warmth to my soul. Hints of their boldness season my home to a perfect flavor of spice and happiness. These colors bring summer to my winters and joy to heart. They remind me to always "live in the sunshine." Colors can reveal a lot about someone... RED:
"You are the cute and lovable type. You are picky but always in love and like being loved. Fresh and cheerful, but can be moody at times. Capable with people, nice, soft and they can love you for the way you are. Likes people who are easy to talk to and can make you feel comfortable."

You are sweet and innocent. Trusted by many people, and have a strong leadership role in relationships. You make good decisions and make the right choices at the right time. You dream of a romantic relationship.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reflecting on Blessings

Let me preface my reminisce here with a little "You won't get this often from me". I am a spiritual person, but I tend to "hide my light" sort of thing. I keep my personal uplifting stories to myself. But, in reflecting on this experience, I felt it expedient to share it. I don't know why, maybe if only to remind myself I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of even me and my own. So having said that, I was thinking back just this week to three years ago. A scary experience in my family brought with it great blessings and solidified our testimonies and faith. At the age of seven, my sweet little girl's eyes suddenly crossed. I couldn't quite pinpoint what was wrong at first. I'd look at her while she was talking to me, but she couldn't look me in the eye. She would look off to the side. (I later found out that she was looking at my double). Her eyes weren't so blatantly crossed at first, so I wasn't sure, but I had an uneasy feeling. My feelings were confirmed when her teacher came to me (I work at her school) and asked if Nicole got hit in the head over the weekend, because her eyes weren't right. It was at that moment that the panicked mommy feeling kicked in. I grabbed a phone book and started making calls. I went first to our optometrist, which really wasn't the right choice. So, he referred me on to an ophthalmologist who specialized in children. This all took place over the course of several weeks. The agony and worry was incredible. When I finally got into our specialist, she took one look at her and said we need to do an MRI. She was fairly certain that the root cause was a brain tumor. She said this just doesn't happen in 7 year olds unless it is a tumor. I was devastated, terrified, shocked and suspicions confirmed all at the same time as Nicole has suffered from migraines since like the age of two. We as a family turned to the Lord. We prayed for her and asked for a miracle. We fasted and she received a Priesthood blessing from her father and grandfather. We made plans to shave our heads if it became necessary so she wouldn't feel funny. (Well, I did at least, Kevin is too worried about his looks). On the day of the MRI, we tried to push out the fear and replace it with hope. As I held my daughter's hand while they put in the IV sedation needle, tears rolled down her face, but not a sob escaped her. I was stifling my own sobs, They wheeled my sleepy girl away, and I closed my eyes and said one last prayer. KT and I held hands trying to support each other in at what we felt was one of the darkest moments of our life. As they wheeled her out, I imploring looked to the technician and asked her, "I know you aren't supposed to tell me, but, please, what did you see?" She indicated that she couldn't say for certain, but "NOTHING" she saw nothing! I knew that was our miracle. Our doctor was grateful, but dumbfounded and wanted to check with several colleagues to be sure. Needless to say, their diagnosis was the same, "NOTHING". She subsequently had eye surgery to correct the issue and hasn't had any problems since. (The surgery was minor compared to the fear of the MRI and it's potential results). This "NOTHING" was something to our family. I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father that saw fit to allow me more time with my beautiful little girl. For that I am eternally grateful.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To gym or not to gym

I am coming up on the expiration of my gym membership. I am at a crossroads: To gym or not to gym. I enjoy the gym and I enjoy a good run. (I think I mentioned that one before.) The gym is warm and SAFE. It won't cost anymore just another contract; the monthly price is decent. BUT, in a crazy economy like this should I renew and obligate myself to another two to three years? I mean $20/month isn't much to pay for my safety, but on the other hand it will buy a lot of eggs, ramen and mac n' cheese during an unforseen rough patch. What thoughts do my blogger friends have on this? I appreciate your input. I am so indecisive!

Monday, January 26, 2009

You might be a Mormon if...

The following was originally told by a physician in Utah: I work part-time as a teacher of family doctors. The program provides training on psychiatric disorders and emphasizes the importance of emotional support. . . . One of our interns, who has never lived in Utah and knows nothing about Mormons, is still struggling to understand the cultural climate here. He was interviewing a new patient and stumbled on what he thought was a raging psychosis. Here's a summary of his conversation with the patient. Doctor: "Well, Mrs. Olsen, we've talked about your high blood pressure and your medications. Are you experiencing any particular stress in your life?" Patient: "Oh, yes. It's the Sunbeams. They're driving me crazy." Doctor: "The Sunbeams?" Patient: "Yes. I've never had trouble with them before, but this group won't sit still. They bounce all over the room, and run out the door and down the hall." Doctor: (reaching for a pen): "Have you told anyone about this?" Patient: "Of course. I told the president." Doctor: "Really! What did the president tell you?" Patient: "She said Sunbeams are like that. I'm just going to have to learn to deal with them." Doctor: (concerned that he may be missing something): "I know people who are sensitive to sunbeams. Do they cause you a rash or anything?" Patient: "A rash? No." Doctor: "Then what is the biggest problem they're creating?" Patient: "It's the noise. They just won't quit talking." Doctor (astonished): "The sunbeams are talking to you?" Patient: "Well, yes. But mostly they talk to each other." Doctor (scribbling furiously in the chart): "I see. Can anyone else hear them talking?" Patient (after a moment of stunned silence): "You're not LDS, are you?......"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let me clarify something...

Considering some of the comments I have received (some I chose not to publish), I feel it prudent to clarify some things. I have serious SARCASM issues. For the most part, I am never to be taken seriously. This poses a problem at times because the people who know me as a kidder and sarcastic don't know when to take me seriously and so then the opposite is true. I've learned this form of banter and communication from my dear husband. I spent years with hurt feelings until I finally realized that he is just full of CRAP! Sometimes I still don't know if he is all kidding aside or pulling me leg so I assume the latter and just give it back. In light of my previous post, I felt it necessary to clarify:
I certainly don't have a self-esteem issue. I really DON'T need followers to feel validated (although it is nice). I feel validated from the ones that I love and who love me back. I mostly feel validation from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Perhaps I need a bit of this to tone it down?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Followers Wanted, DESPERATELY

My blog has been visited by people all over the country and in various places around the world. But, alas, there are only three people who like me enough to be a follower and one of them is MY HUSBAND. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and am grateful to my three followers. But, this is beginning to affect my self-esteem here! Perhaps my life is too mundane (true that!). Perhaps my writing style is annoying (possibly, too many text sizes and colors). Perhaps I am too full of myself. (To that I say, "You haven't heard my husband!") Either way, I am who I am, and I am desperately lacking in the follower department. I am hereto forthwith on a quest for followers. Does anyone like me enough to be a follower? Not like a leader has a follower, just as writer has a reader or four or five or six... Please, please, please, please, please?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunshine Needed!

The valley has been stuck under a thick layer of inversion. It is oppressive, gloomy and bleak. After being stuck under this thick cloud of inversion (Otherwise known as fog full asthma inducing pollutants. cough, cough, wheeze, wheeze) for two weeks, I am in need of a good dose of Sunshine. I hear the higher up in elevation you go the more likely you are to find it. My guys went snowboarding this weekend. They asked if I wanted to go, but I don't dig it like they do. I said no thinking it would be cold and relishing the idea of a QUIET house. Boy was I wrong! It was sunny and warmer than down in the valley. DANG! This is the inversion layer from the top side. Kind of looks like the valley is blanketed in a vast white sea...(not bad for a cell phone picture). Thanks, KT If the sun doesn't reveal itself by this weekend, I'm heading to the mountains.
This girl needs a bit of sunshine! (hint, hint dear)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been sitting here thinking about all the things that are going on this year, and I realized that 2009 will hold a lot of milestones for us. It is the year of my 4-0 birthday. It is the year of the BIG 20th wedding anniversary. It is the year that my oldest starts his senior year of high school, my youngest starts middle school and my middle son will be in 11th grade! It is a year of bittersweet; a year of mixed emotions. Mostly it is a year of:
I am struggling with ideas of what to do on these special days. We usually don't celebrate anniversaries in a big way. Maybe dinner out...I guess you could say I'm low maintenance. But this year is different, this year is BIG, this year is unique. Any ideas or suggestions on making this a spectacular, unforgettable 2009?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Low-fat Living

I have been slowly making adjustments to my diet. Eating now how I should have been eating for years. I hope it isn't too late to benefit my health for the better. The family is in an uproar, and most nights I am making two separate dinners. I've said good bye to french fries, Coca Cola and complex carbs. I am making friends with splenda, diet pepsi with a wedge of lime, and low fat cook books. Here is a recipe that I found somewhere on the internet. Turkey Roll-Ups Whole wheat flour tortilla deli sliced turkey (ask for it shaved) Reduced fat mozzarella cheese Cole Slaw (I buy the bagged) with homemade vinaigrette Warm the turkey, and tortilla, top with cole slaw and a bit of cheese. Dressing for cole slaw 1/4 cup fat-free plain yogurt 1/4 cup light mayonnaise 1/4 cup 100% orange juice 3 tbls white vinegar 1 1/2 tsp honey Whisk together, chill for three hours, then spoon over desired amount of coleslaw. This doesn't keep but for 2 days. I freeze it. (Cole Slaw dressing recipe comes from "The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook")

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Blog?

I've come to love blogging. In a home with two noisy teenage boys, one loud husband and a quiet little girl, it gives me a voice. So often I complain that I am never "heard". I mean truly heard, not just "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah". Instead of jumping up and down and screaming, I blog. I write about deep thoughts, ideas, musings, inspirations, life experiences, day to day living, well, just about anything that asserts who I am. Sometimes I have a lot to say, sometimes I've got nothin'! But either way, it has given me the voice to express a little bit about myself whether anyone reads it or agrees with it. At the end of each and every month, thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I print out my posts, put them in a binder, and Ladybug pours through them over and over again. So at least someone hears me...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why is it....

Why is it that when you make the mental commitment to conveniently "be on vacation" for Church on Sunday, someone inevitably calls to ask you to do something? Seriously, every time! And, because ultimately we do the right thing, Sunday "vacation" is hereby canceled. How does HE do it? Why does HE care so much whether I go or not...I guess I shouldn't break my perfect 2009 attendance. At least, not yet! Trying to be an angel, but my halo is a little more crooked than this...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In defense of excessive texting...

I read an article recently called "Staying Close to Your Teen" by Debra Kent. It was featured in the December issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. Debra Kent cited that 56% of teens who text their parents say they now communicate more often. She also says "Talk by Typing - You may feel that nothing is as close as a face-to-face, but teens can actually be more comfortable with cyber communication. Learn to speak your kid's language of choice, whether it's e-mail, cell phone texting, posts on Facebook, or chatting online. Even if it feels impersonal, that sensation probably won't last for long. A 2008 Samsung Mobile survey found that 68 percent of American parents have begun text messaging with their kids - and 51 percent of them agree that they communicate more now. What's more, 53 percent of teens who text-message with their parents said that it had improved their relationship." I guess it isn't all THAT bad...I know a lot of people wouldn't agree with me. Technology can be bad if not managed properly. I'm not ignorant to the pitfalls of texting, don't get me wrong. Here is a good book on that topic. And, since the 16,000 texts, he's really toned it down...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deep Thoughts

"Today our memories are of happy things. Today we think evil of no one. Today the Earth Shines." from The Windwalker by Blaine Yorgason I'll try...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reaffirmations (Resolutions), FINALLY!

In a quiet, sitting down moment, after the boys have gone to school, husband to work, and Ladybug still sleeping, I'm finally able to ponder what I would like to accomplish with the new year. I would like to become more physically and spiritually fit. Physically as I am approaching the big 4-0 in just a few months. I want to be "fit and forty". More exercise, less sweets, smaller waistline. I would also like to become more spiritually fit. "Exercise for my soul." Read more scripture, ponder and pray.

 I suppose it's time for a daily bit of "exercise" which is not going to be accomplished sitting here...Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texting Craze at my house

We added texting a few months ago and the verdict still isn't out on it just yet. I mean how does a teenage boy rack up 16,000 texts in a month? Better yet, how do I rack up 2,000 texts? I don't text anyone except my family! I've decided it is a great tool for the micromanaging mom. It is addictive though, and rude at times. The art of conversation is to be lost, I fear, to ty, yw, K, g2g, brb, lmao, you get the idea. It is like a new shorthand, a new form of writing, a new language in and of itself. And,
I love it!

Have you ever texted someone in the same room? I know, right?
Teenage boys are possessive of their texts. (Even though they know we are all powerful and can monitor their texts via the internet.) They don't want to share what they are writing and what is being written to them. So I've discovered that the Zoom on my camera can pick up their messages quite nicely. And, no he didn't get a snowboard for Christmas. He wasn't finished with his text. He got snowboard goggles.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Winter Solstice Celebration

The other day, after observing me for several hours, my husband made an odd comment. He said I would make a good pagan. I looked at him quizzically, then came to the conclusion that he is probably right. I have a ritual, a pattern, that I fall into year after year. After the Christmas festivities have died down and the decorations packed away for the next year, it starts. Even though it is the dead of winter, Spring is in the air. I feel the days getting longer, and I have a renewed sense of energy. No room or closet is immune to my celebration. I rearrange furniture, dig out closets, and make my biggest donation run of the year. As I sit here all cozy in my home with two inches of snow on the ground, I am relieved to be done with my celebration. My car is bursting at its seams awaiting the drive to the donation drop off. I am liberated! I am renewed! Simplify, simplify, simplify...

Friday, January 2, 2009

What could be sexier than this?!

Okay, I don't know about you but there are a few things that I find truly sexy... Not long ago I took a Love Languages quiz by Dr. Gary Chapman. He has written a book that is supposed to help marriages by deciphering what your love languages are. Now, I do love a gift for a birthday or Christmas, I'm not really a gifts person. The greatest gift my husband can give me is the gift of service. I find it so exciting to have Kevin offer to help do dishes or make lunches. It is amazing when he vacuums or starts the laundry. I love to see him work on our home and yard to beautify it. What a lucky woman I am to have a husband who recognizes what means the most to me, picks up on those clues and gets things done!
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