Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Unconventional Mormon

I am a non conformist by nature, so I must assert my individuality in various ways. 1. Multiple earrings, (as in more than two) when used properly, can help prevent leadership callings. 2. I will set aside scriptures to delve into the latest romance or thriller 3. "Sundayitis" is a common occurrence 4. I secretly wish for a small tattoo of a dragon fly in a very discreet region (shhh!) 5. I often listen to music with suggestive lyrics. (come on, I'm married and 40) 6. I like to go running on Sunday (a day for exercise of the body and the soul). 7. I drink COKE (gasp!) 8. I don't like visiting teaching. (I have been taken advantage of, and I have a BAD attitude). 9. Church gives me headaches. (I think it is a social anxiety thing). 10. I frequently use BAD words like flip and fetch, and when I'm really mad
flippin' fetcher.
On another note, 1. I value my Temple marriage 2. I pay my tithing 3. I hardly ever say 'no' 4. "Sundayitis" rarely gets the better of me. 5. I don't lie. Honesty is very important. 6. I won't follow through with the tattoo thingy. Now that I have completely unloaded to my blogging friends, I think it's time for a bit of repentance.


  1. Man! do I love this post!
    Regarding your first list...#2, #3 and #8 I completely concur! Oh wait! AND #9 and #10. (Although flip and fetch sound like the "G" version of what I find myself saying at times...

    About your second list...I'm with you 100%! (even though I don't have a desire for a tatoo)

    (I unloaded tonight, too!)

  2. although I did take most of my piercings out, I too secretly wish for a small hidden tattoo.

    AND I drink pepsi.

    And have the same feelings about VT.

    I'm glad to know I am not the only one who has these confessions. :)

  3. Amen, Sista!

    Your confessions rejuvenate me.

    I now feel less guilty that I'd rather watch my husband's hunting shows than go VT.

    I've been known to drop a couple F-bombs myself...but come on, now and then a girl HAS to get out a "freakin'" or a "friggin!"


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