Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is this a Last?

A blogging friend recently posted about this...Last times. The whole "what if this were the last time" thing really got me to thinking... My boys are growing and getting older. T is almost 17 and M is nearly 16. TJ works a job and is not around a whole lot. He luckily had a Thursday off and was able to play in the church basketball game. I have always been the sport mom, there cheering her boys on. But, tonight, I had to help with the pack night at church. I started thinking, what if this is the last time my boys are able to play ball together...What if this NEVER happens again. These thoughts created a bit of melancholy. Fortunately for me, we were in the same church building. I kept running back and forth trying to catch a good play and a good picture. Just in case it was the LAST TIME...


  1. I love that you referenced me! :) Wow! someone really does value what I say!-tee hee

    I'll tell you the one thing I always hope in the back of my mind is the Last Thing that happens...and that is the huge messes that seem to be occurring here on a per minute basis!!! grrrrr...not feeling too sentimental today!

    sweet post

  2. I had a "last time" in November when I watched Travis walk off the football field, with helmet in hand, for the "last time." I nearly had an anuerysm I cried so hard for the entire weekend! So, I know how you are feeling - getting ready to send a kid off to college is full of exciting "firsts" but, unfortunately, a lot of "lasts" too...where's my kleenex?

  3. Time flies....I remember when your boys were little and didn't like girls. Now look at them! Dating age and handsome...you have your hands full! Enjoy it while it lasts....:D


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