Sunday, February 8, 2009

Redecorating with a 10 year old Girl

Ladybug's room needed a face lift. It needed a little help in transitioning from baby girl to soon to be 11 year old. She wanted her own "special place". She wanted her mom to foot the bill while she chose colors, fabrics, and textures all on her own....And, she did...all for under $100.00. She now has a special place in her window seat to curl up with her favorite books, ipod or her cat. The vibrant, vivid, vivacious colors SCREAM vavavoom! Her daddy doesn't like it...(Too much pink). Good thing it isn't his room. It's all hers. Ladybug's little corner of the universe.


  1. Very cute and colorful. Where did you find your cute accessories for such a reasonable price? I need to go shopping with you!


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