Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the run

I have to admit this one one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. No offense if you have one, but I mean seriously, Americans eat on the run far too much if this little item is necessary. No wonder there is an obesity problem in America! We just keep coming up with lamo, stupid products to perpetuate our bad eating habits. Not to mention the fact that it is dangerous to eat and drive. I know it isn't as dangerous as "drinking" and driving, but hey probably just as risky. On another hand, a few years ago I had three kids in baseball, no one played at the same field and big KT was conveniently out of town for a good chunk of the season. I spent most evenings shuffling kids between games and practices. I was in the car most days from 4:00 to 9:00, and I did a lot of eating on the run! Maybe this would have come in handy... NOT!!


  1. this is in the same category as the snuggie! (the dork category)

  2. Oh, my! Are we seriously THAT busy? Whatever happened to a home-cooked, sit-down-at-the-table-with-the-family meal?

  3. I don't know Lisa, it looks pretty handy! I admit there are days I kinda wish I had one! Great post!

  4. why dont you just put a big bucket of lard in between the seats... Just another thing us lazy americans need to survive. :)

    funny stuff. Although I do have to say, it may be more usefull than a snuggie.

  5. All you need now is a DVD player with at least an 8" screen and a magazine rack full of magazines!! PERFECT!! And maybe a mini-fridge on the passenger seat.......:D

    Honestly, why do people put a DVD player in the front seat? I am going to be really PO'ed if I get in a wreck because somebody was to involved in Grey's Anatomy or something while they are driving.

  6. Haha I have seen this too and I totally agree!! Not only is it ridiculous, but how would you keep the food from flying everywhere when you go over a bump?? :)


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