Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My mid life crisis

My mid life crisis isn't really too bad. I HAD to get Lasik eye surgery. Meaning I didn't have to... like it wasn't medically necessary, it was just mid life crisis necessary. It made me feel 15 years younger! (I had become allergic to contacts and had been wearing my glasses for years). It's not like I wanted a boob job or something. Oh, I got my eyebrows shaped, but check out those crows feet. Not much I can do about that except maybe use photoshop next time. Then I got gel finger nails. They make me feel sexy! And, my guys are lining up for me to scratch their backs. Gotta love those nails...They benefit everyone! (Except now I can't play guitar. Ugh! I may have to rethink that one...)


  1. I had a great comment, but the word verification thing didn't work.

    Anyway, the gist was--GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  2. So the Lasik actually worked? That's a life-long dream of mine.

    I think I'll put that on my Mid-Life Crisis list.

  3. I tried commenting earlier, but the verification thing wasn't working...
    Is that YOUR eye? Oh how I wish I had blue eyes! You've got a whole new look going on...new eyebrows, no glasses, new nails!--What a great thing to happen in this dreary month! It's the perfect pick-me up!

  4. I think I am going to do it all! Botox to kill the scary line between my eyes. Lasik eye surgery, so I can see the debit machine before I accidently push the $60 cash out button. And heck, I will get boobs too. Never had them before so it might be fun! :D

  5. You are one of my very fav bloggers! I love this!!


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