Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Better names for my blog

KT and I have been discussing more appropriate names for my blog...The following have made the list.
1. It's all about ME
2. Drivel and Gibberish
3. A load of Crap
4. A window into the mind of a psychotic
5. and KT's favorite...Straight talk with a hottie (this one is too subjective) I'm taking votes, so leave your choice. (Please don't pick 5)


  1. I vote for #1.

    I mean really, that IS why we do this blogging thing, right?

  2. I like #1 as well...

    How about..."Me is happening!"


  3. I think they are all clever, but I agree with KT....I think you should go with number #5 and embrace your hotness!

  4. Love "A load of crap"...that's how I feel a lot of the time!


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