Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rascal Flatts - Bob that Head

The concert totally rocked! I have to say that it was the best concert I have ever been to. It surpassed George Michael 2nd row at 18 years old in Hawaii. (yeah he was gay).
Anyway, it is fun to get out and let loose and just have an incredible time. It is hard not to start moving and dancing when that music is thumping and the lights are flashing. I felt sorry for the people around me having to pound the beer in order to have fun. "Please don't puke on me!" "Sit down you get up to pee too much." "Maybe if you didn't drink like a horse...."
Here are a couple of pictures of me embracing my alternate persona. You'll have to check out an old post if you want to see the boots...(My kids are grateful I only wear the hat a couple of times a year. I'm such an embarrassment to them!)
I was going to stow away in one of their vans, but there were too many people around. Besides, KT wouldn't let me. He's such a party pooper!
I am seriously considering hoping a plane to somewhere like Denver to catch their show this weekend. I wish I had taken my kids. The boys despise my country music, but I really think they would have loved the show.
I am so bummed that I didn't get very good pictures of the concert. I really wanted to bring my camera, but the tickets said "No camera's", and because we follow the rules and I didn't want it confiscated, I left the camera at home. Besides, we have camera cell phones. Needless to say, most everyone had camera's. They announced "No flash photography" while we were there. Hello? I could have brought my camera and just turned off the flash. The pictures would have turned out a whole lot better than the cell phone ones. At least I have the memories and the ringing in my ears...
Here is a little cell phone clip...The sound is totally distorted, but it will give you an idea of how huge the stage was and what a large scale production they put on... (You'll have to pause the music player)


  1. LOVE Rascal Flatts! They look like they would put on a great show.

    I am super green with envy.

  2. You are hilarious! I have to say thanks for posting that cell phone video-that's the closest I have ever been to a concert. I tried to talk Jay into letting me go to the Josh Groban one last year (or the year before) but it was a no go. A girl can dream, right?! =)

  3. You look so flippin fab in that hat! You really should pull it out more than twice a year!

  4. I have never seen you in your country duds--you look fabulous as always. KT must really love you.

    The last concert I went to was Led Zeppelin (Page and Plant). You would have thought my honey was smoking what everyone else was the way he was acting! :D

    Glad you had fun--you deserve it!


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