Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Service and Doormats

Ann Voskamp recently wrote these very wise words on her blog "service isn’t about being a doormat but about being a door for joy to walk through."  There have been times in my life where I felt like I was being a doormat or being used by someone and that isn't a good feeling.  

There was that one time a lady asked me to come do her dishes because she was bit by a dog and her husband wouldn't.  I had two little boys at home in bed and my husband worked nights.  Or there was that other time a lady asked me to babysit her children.  I had literally just had a miscarriage and she knew it.  She needed me to watch her kids because her husband was in the hospital.  I did, in all honesty, feel like a doormat.  Couldn't someone else do it?  Sometimes others can't see beyond their own struggles to notice yours.  But, that's not their problem.  I learned in those moments of service, that it could have been worse.  I may have lost a baby, but I had two beautiful boys at home AND a healthy husband who was not in the hospital.  God teaches us while we are serving.  I've realized it's all about our attitude towards others and their requests.  Certainly, I prefer to see a need and act on it first before being asked, but my reaction and attitude to requests is in MY hands.  

When someone asks me for help or I give service voluntarily, I want to be that person who brings joy when I walk through that door.  

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  1. I always try to keep in mind the words of a Christian writer I once read: there are good things to do, there are many better things to do, but there are a few best. Choose the best. So when I think about all the ways I could serve, and my obligations I choose those that are the best use of my time. We are vessels, after all.


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