Friday, April 5, 2013

The Final Day

Today concludes my last and final day of Spring Break and an end to my blogging break.  You wouldn't have known I was on a break as I scheduled my lovely blog posts ahead of time.  Although, you may have noticed less commenting on my part.  Monday brings me back to the regular everyday schedule.

Over Spring Break I was very productive.  We had friends visit from Las Vegas, Ladybug had surgery, I did Spring Cleaning which included scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming off plant shelves, cleaning the tops of cabinets, getting my carpets cleaned, going Easter dress shopping, made a pillow, a skirt AND read two books.  Phewww!

A few random things that blogging has taught me over the last week:
  1. I am way more productive when I'm not blogging
  2. If I'm not visiting you, you are far less likely to visit me.  My numbers have been down.
  3. Blogging brings me out of my introverted world.
  4. There is far more living to be done outside the computer world. 
  5. I've missed it....

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  1. It IS kind of a give and take with blogging, isn't it? I've noticed that visiting is required to get visitors too. I've also noticed how very time consuming it all can be, but that I love the connection. I just have to remember not to let it distract me from my real goals, which I do way too easily. :) Hope you had a great break.

  2. There is definitely a love/hate relationship with all things technology in my home. There are some days I absolutely hate FB, then others when I see an old friend and appreciate it. I think it is good we are encouraged to blog about happy things from church leaders, and for me it is an actual journal of our fun adventures. I have a personal journal too, but it doesn't get updated as frequently :)


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