Monday, April 29, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

**No Kittens were eaten in the taking of this photo**

What up world!

This has been a really good week.  I am really loving serving in Winder and finding a lot of new people to teach.  This week we made a lot of progress with Kris and Cathy.  They are homosexual and we knew that even though they had not told us yet.  They have been reading the Book of Mormon and Kris has talked a lot about wanting to be right with God, so we invited them to be baptized.  She talked about how she kinda knows she has to change and we bore testimony if they read with the intent to change, that they would receive one.  Itt was very interesting and very spiritual.  I was apprehensive about teaching them because of the situation.  I have been praying for the ability to love all of gods children so I can invite more to take part in baptism and come unto Christ.  This has truly been a learning experience.

We also met with Adam this week and read 1 Nephi 8.  Hee made the connection for himself how important it really is to read the Book of Mormon along with the Bible. He had been reading, but just what we asked.  He would read it right before we got there, too.  But now he truly is going to read it for himself.  It was a great lesson as well.  He is going out of town for a week, but he has all the gospel apps now and is going to read and listen on flights and drives between business at work.  Our next meeting will be a church tour and he invited his friend from work who is a member so it should be really awesome.

This Tuesday we also have dinner with a family, and I am very excited.  They have family in the Ellijay branch who have called US because the family told them she was going to hear from some of the Mormon missionaries.  The Ellijay family called very excited that they were interested, and told us they were praying for us and we are praying very hard that we can have a good teaching experience with them. I have been praying for a while now for a family to teach, and I really hope this is going to go well.

We also have 2 families in the ward who we challenged to invite a family to hear our message, and they agreed.  They actually have two people they are inviting so we hope everything will go well. This week after we shared a dinner message a member said to me "You' ea veteran aren't you?" He was like "No offense Elder Eads but you can tell Elder Miguel knows what he is doing."  It was super funny Elder Eads is still only been out 3 months.  They gave him a hard time, but he laughed it off.      

Also this week we borrowed a giant teddy bear from another Elder and put a white shirt and tie on it and it chilled in the back seat of our car for a few days.  The teddy bear definitely looked like a missionary haha.
Oh and someone backed into our nice Chevy Malibu this week and jacked up the front!!!!!!! It looks terrible!  Maybe we will get a new car.  Our car is old! Life is good, I love the mission, I read my scriptures everyday!!!!!!
Elder Miguel out!"

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  1. I love the missionaries, these letters are so great!


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