Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

"I hate writing.  I even stink at writing in my journal! This week everything has been yellow........ like literally EVERYTHING.   Pollen is everywhere it is crazy.  I have included a picture of my shoes with pollen.  

It has been a good week teaching wise.  We taught these ladies, Kris and Cathy, last night, and it was a super spiritual lesson.  We blew them away with the plan of salvation, One of them said she wants to be right with God, but she would have to give up a lot to be a Mormon. We told her to read Alma 22 Where Aaron teaches the Plan of Redemption through Christ. This other guy Adam is going really well.  I'm pretty sure he will eventually get baptized.  When he commits to something, he does it.  He has felt the spirit a ton.

Oh! When the big lightning storms came Elder Eads and I sat on the porch and watched lightning.  One hit super close, so we went inside.  We saw where it hit, it was awesome.  It was a crazy storm.
Elder Miguel"

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  1. oh my gosh...I hope he doesn't have allergies!!

  2. He is so right! The pollen here has been BAD, I can taste it in my mouth! Yuck!

  3. But it makes things bright green and beautiful!


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