Monday, April 1, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

We haven't had one of these in a few weeks.  Communication with Miguel has been few and far between.  I take delight in the fact that he is loving what he is doing and sharing so much that he forgets and doesn't have time to write, but I lament it as well.

Here is our most recent letter home:

"Hey! Sorry last week was so short, and I had a bunch of stuff to do so I didn't have time to write.  I am in Winder.  The Southern accents are crazy here, and I feel like I am in the south for sure now.  Winder is good, I have a car!!!!!!! I'm still an awesome driver for not driving in 9 months.  My goal is to stay here through summer so I don't have to sweat like crazy on a bike.

We had to drop a family we were teaching on my first day in Winder because they were presenting Anti Mormon literature to us and trying to change us.  They didn't understand we were there so they learn about the Gospel and the Book of Mormon and possibly reach baptism. I was just bold with them and asked if they had any interest in actually finding out if the Book of Mormon was true, and they said no.  I then asked why they had been meeting with missionaries and they said because they wanted to present us with what we didn't know.  We then bore testimony that we have received a confirmation from the Spirit of God,  not the wisdom of man.  It was a very spiritual moment, but they rejected the spirit and we told them we needed to find the those who were interested. Elder Eads (My new Companion) said I was super bold.  It was funny, he thought I was way too goofy to be a good missionary for the whole first day.  We went to that lesson and he was like "I might be able to learn something from him"

I'm just hanging in Winder out in the country.  We cover like 4 small towns so it is a big area, but it is fun. A southern member named Sister Mixon, says I will be southern by the time I leave.

love you!
Alma 36: 19-20 "And now, behold, when I thought this, I could remember my pains no more; yea, I was harrowed up by the memory of my sins no more.  And oh, what joy, and what marvelous light I did behold; yea, my soul was filled with joy as exceeding as was my pain!"
The Elder Miguel
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  1. Bless his heart. I've had a similar experience when we were invited by sister missionaries to go teach with them. The lesson soon turned into a we are out to convert the missionaries instead of us teaching them. Turns out one of the guys was a recent graduate from a preacher school (no idea what to call that) and the other was his protege'. I remember them scoffing at us when we offered to open with a hymn and a song... I too had to be bold and ask them what their true purpose was, so good FOR HIM for taking charge and standing up for himself. I hope he doesn't have to endure any more Southerners like those, but if he does it will only make his testimony stronger!

  2. oh you must be so proud of him!!!!


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