Monday, April 15, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

"Well this week was cool! So there are two other Elders who live on the same street as us, and we have been pulling a ton of pranks on them. We put Kool-aid in the back of their toilet so when one went pee and flushed and walked out the other one walked in and then went out and asked him if he needed to go to the doctor cuz it looked like blood it was super funny! There are a lot more pranks that I won't expound on at this time. 

This week we taught Adam again, and it was a good lesson.  He had just been thinking about the Spirit he felt from the first lesson all week.  The lesson on the plan of salvation went really well.  He said he just feels every thing we share is positive and is about the love of God.  This Wednesday we are going to ask him if he wants to be baptized.   This week we met a man named Terry.  He opened the door and invited us in. We went in and he said that he hasn't been to church but twice in 52 years.  He asked if we can prove to him right then that we were worth listening to.  I told him that I could, and then I asked him if we could bless his home. He opened up about how lost his family is.  I  blessed his home then testified of the peace the gospel brings.  He told me that I touched his heart. It was awesome!  
Elder Miguel Out"

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