Wednesday, April 10, 2013

That Time Again

It's that time again...You know the time when I run dry on what to write?  If I had a blog focused on one area, perhaps coming up with ideas would be easier.  But, I and my blog are a dichotomy.  My thoughts flit about and scatter like the flower blossoms swirling in the viscous wind outside my home.  Staring at this computer screen, trying to dredge up a thought or two is torture.  It is in these moments that I contemplate an end to blogging...for just a moment.  However, I feel this deep seeded obligation to carry on.  I know not why... Perhaps, I need to revamp things a bit...come up with a mission statement and direction for my words. But is that really me?  Or is that me trying to be a me that is not that much like me?  See what I mean?

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  1. This was such an honest admission to how I feel A LOT-- even with blogs WITH a category. Sometimes I go into a panic thinking, that's it...I have gone dry.... there's nothin'.... just nothin..... It's agonizing!


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