Friday, March 29, 2013

Ladybug and Wishes

This little girl of mine has to have oral surgery today.  Ouch!  It's never easy with her, she went through a brain tumor scare when she was 7, then had to have eye surgery when she was 8.  This is my only child without perfect teeth, hence the braces.  She has a stubborn adult tooth that is just happy to hang out in her gums.  Today they are "Fishing for a Tooth" as the orthodontist put it.  The surgeon will be pulling back her gums to attach a bracket and chain to her tooth, then it will be hooked to her braces and slowly pulled down over time into place.  Sounds painful to me...These challenges will make her stronger in the long run.  Pssshhh, surgery?  Easy peasy no problem...

Please send Ladybug some well wishes today?  

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  1. It's so so hard to watch your kids go through anything that might be painful or uncomfortable. I have prayed several times to take that pain on myself and away from my kids. My daughter has also had to endure various things in her young life that I've wished I could take on myself. And she does so with an amazingly positive outlook and shrugs off the inconvenience. All the best to your daughter as she faces the oral blech. I hope it's less traumatic and painful than either of you anticipate.

  2. Eek! Poor girl! I had two teeth that never came down and I had to have them removed when I was a kid. I have a small jaw, so you can't even tell I'm missing teeth. I feel her pain!! Hope she feels better soon!

  3. Wishing her the best! Hope it all went smoothly!


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