Friday, March 1, 2013

Let My Light Shine

My parents bought some new light fixtures and were getting rid of the old.  They offered their light to me.  Since their "builder basic" lighting is was nicer than my "builder basic" lighting, I quickly agreed to take it off of their hands for free.

I love the way light can fill a room.  It brings you out of darkness.

I used to borrow light from my parents.  They believed beyond a shadow of a doubt, so in my mind I knew it must be true...I didn't know how to find it myself, or I was just too lazy.  We all know the parable of the ten virgins.  It is not possible to borrow that kind of light from someone else and hang it nicely in our home.

I love the way light can fill your soul.  It brings you out of darkness.

As an adult and a parent it became increasingly more important for me to find that light for make sure I knew for myself.  If I have that light from within, then I can in turn help my children and others, but it all starts with me.  I study, pray, ponder, serve and attend Church so that my light does not dim.  I can honestly say that I know my beliefs are true.  I know that He loves me and has a plan for me.  I'm grateful everyday for that light.

My hope and prayer is that my children don't rely on my light, alone, sure, they can borrow it from time to time, but use it more as an example of something they wish to seek out for themselves.


  1. I love the analogy of light in our lives. We dispel the darkness not by screaming at it, but just by a single, steady beam.

  2. What a great quote! And congrats on your Liebster. You almost got another one except I saw you were already nominated. You deserve them all though :)

  3. Beautiful quote and well said. Love how you shared, how your children can borrow your light. Congrats on your award.

  4. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. You have a wonderful blog, I can't wait to read more. You can find me at


  5. I love your desire to shine enough light that your kids can borrow it when they need it. That is beautiful. I think that's what I'm working on right now, but maybe... letting my own light shine so brightly that my kids won't ever need to borrow it, but simply bask in it and soak up their own. I can see by Miguel's letter home that he has a very bright light, indeed! Well done, Mom!


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