Monday, March 11, 2013


I figure I had better report on my Weekend Unplugged.  It was not as easy as I had hoped it would be.  I did find myself checking e-mail on my phone.  Shame on me!  However, I deleted the Facebook app.  No need to see what people are doing online when I should be DOING in real life.  You know?

For the most part I was able to get some things accomplished that I might not have had the time for if I had not unplugged.  We went to the gym on Saturday morning, went with Ladybug to a school play (Into the Woods), attended Church and began scrap booking my wedding (which was in 1989!)  into a Project Life Album.  I bought the Olive Edition recently when it was on sale.  I had those horrid sticky albums that come to find out years later are not acid free.  The pictures were hard to peel up...another 20 years and they would have been cemented in there.

I feel quite accomplished and liberated, if I do say so myself.  It is amazing how much can get done when I decide to focus outside the internet world.  I also watched Pretty in Pink while working on my Album because it celebrated it's 27th anniversary this past week.  Twenty-Seven years!!!  Dang, I'm old...


  1. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful weekend! I need to consolidate my photos into a scrapbook, too! They are all over the place!!! ((Hugs))


  2. I can't do the scrapbooking-- not my thing, but I have loaded photos before while watching a movie. I loved Pretty In Pink. Need to watch that one again. Glad going unplugged was productive for you!

  3. I made it a thing to not check facebook but once or twice a day, usually when I get up and nurse then before bed while nursing since I can't do anything with the light on LOL.

    It's pretty easy to fall out of the habit of facebook after a couple of days!

  4. What the fat!? 27 years?! How is that possible? I saw that it was on netflix and I considered watching it while I folded laundry, but Sleepless in Seattle won out! :) Sounds like a productive weekend.

  5. I've long overdue in some photo albums for my kids' baby books! I might have to unplug for a week or two for that :). Sounds like a fun weekend.


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