Friday, March 15, 2013


I am broken because an extension of myself has broken.  I am a reader, I love it, I live it.  Words fill up my soul like bright rays of sunshine.  They bring me happiness.  I'd far prefer to curl up with good words and good books than a movie.  I know...SHOCKER.  But it's true.  It must be the introvert in me.  The other day, there was a perfect storm of events that led to my brokenness.

I had just sat down in a chair with my beloved Kindle and a diet cherry coke.  My lovely cat chose that moment to jump on my lap for some much needed snuggling.  Who am I to turn away the affections of Milo the cat?  So, I carefully laid my Kindle on the arm of the chair.  When Milo was through with me he stepped onto the arm of the chair to peer out the window, and as he did, he knocked the Kindle to the floor, quite accidentally I assure you.  He lazily looked at me then jumped down to the the floor and left.  He does nothing mean and intentional except for trying to eat my hair while I'm sleeping, but that's beside the point.

I bent to pick up my Kindle, which, by the way was still in its case, and this is what I found.

Quickly I remembered the extended warranty I purchased for just such occasions   Locating the receipt and warranty, I discovered it had expired just two days prior.  TWO DAYS!  And, in that moment, my heart shattered like the inside of that little Kindle screen.

I was attached to that little thing you see.  It easily slipped into my purse, sat on my nightstand or regaled me with tales while soaking in a warm bubble bath.  As it shattered, so did I.

I need to go shopping!


  1. I've had to replace my Kindle fortunately within the year warranty that comes with it. Yes, I was horrified to think of going without it-- how dependent I've become. You've made me rethink buying the extended warranty!

  2. So sorry. I have yet to enjoy the benefits of a kindle. I've resisted, but my resistance is weakening.

  3. Oh, you should call them just to see if there is any chance they will squeeze it in! Can't hurt! Also, my cat's name was Milo too!!! I'll have to blog about him soon. Haven't been able to face it yet, but I'm almost ready. Kitties are better than Kindles. Surely you have a few real books around there to cuddle up with (along with your Milo). Hugs!

  4. OH. Oh! That is a terrifying story! I have dropped my kindle {which looks very similar to yours...} a couple of times, but since it's in the case, I guess it's got a little protection. Sorry for your loss! {I really mean that... my kindle is one of those "most used things" that would be hard to lose!}

  5. First missing a great tax deduction and now your Kindle? I'd say that you're not having the best of luck! I hope it turns around from here on out!!!

  6. oh dear!!! go to a used book store...some of the classic books and even current NYTimes best sellers are less than $5...and they don't break! good luck!!!!

  7. Uh oh!! Cats are so mischievous!

  8. Oh no! I had that happened to my Kindle, but luckily it was still under warranty and they replaced it within 1 day. Good thing they don't cost as much as they used to. I do love that you can download a book in seconds of finding it online and then read it anywhere you are. Are you going to go get a new one?


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