Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Quest

I recently embarked on this tithing quest giving 24 minutes out of my day in study of the Word of God.  It is a quest in continuing to keep my light and lamp filled.  I've not hidden the fact on my blog that I am a member of the Church   of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or often referred to as Mormons.  It is what it is, and that is who I am.  A few months ago I decided to reread the Book of Mormon along with my study of the Bible.  I started approximately six months ago and read two chapters a day give or take and finished up just a few days ago.

There is a promise at the end of the Book of Mormon that says basically if you ask God if these things are true he will manifest it unto you.  I've heard many stories over the years of investigators having overwhelming epiphanies confirming it to them.  Feeling the Holy Spirit so strongly that it is almost like speaking to them. I have never had this kind of experience.  I'm not a miracle seeking person to keep my faith strong, but in all honesty, it would be nice.  So the other day when I finished reading, I prayed as if I were an investigator.  I thought and pondered on it.  But nothing...No Holy visitation, no booming message from God.  Then, ever so slowly this incredible sense of peace came over me and a thought entered my mind.  It was as if God were saying to me, "You don't need this, you already know."  And then I knew...

My next scripture goal to fill my 24 minutes will include the study of the life of Christ in the New Testament...

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  1. I'm not Mormon but definitely hold a strong tie to my faith as well. :)

  2. It was very similar for me as well. A sort of "you already know."

  3. I love the tithing quest concept!

  4. When I was 17 at a UGA tennis camp I felt the overwelming warmth and reassurance that the Book of Mormon was true. I still hold onto that same moment to this day. One girl at the camp tried to talk me out of being baptized... During that moment in the dorms, she told me all the wrong things she knew about Mormons, two girls (twins) came into my doorway, they listened to what the girl had to say and then looked at me very calmy and said "don't worry, you are making the right choice." And walked away. There spirit overwelmed me and the other girl just rolled her eyes. It was and to this day has always been an easy choice for me to believe.

  5. :) I think that it's good to seek God. I have had some Holy Spirit moments and they are powerful things!

  6. This is such a beautiful post Lisa!
    I love The Book of Mormon. Being a convert to the Church, I felt the spirit so strongly when reading The Book of Mormon. Now...every time I read it, it fills my soul with love, hope, faith and joy!!


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