Sunday, March 3, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

"So this week has been crazy in an awesome way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This week we just did a ton of missionary work.  I guess that's what we are suppose to be doing, but I am on fire.  We have been teaching like crazy and we have two people on date for Baptism! Charlie will be baptized this Saturday! He is a boss!  He is like one of my best friends now.  We went and played basketball with him and he played college ball, and he also had a full ride baseball scholarship to UGA, and I blocked him like 4 times.  He was like "Man I did not expect you to have hops!"  It was super funny! 

Then the other lady named Louise will be baptized on March 3rd! She has read everything, and when I say everything I mean everything! She read the entire Gospel Principles manual in 2 days! She missed church this week and was worried she wouldn't be able to be baptized! It is awesome her commitment! 

Today already we taught two lessons on our Personal Day.   Our ward mission leader was all impressed he was like "You don't find to many Elders who will take time out of their Personal Day."  It has been awesome and I'm loving it. 

This week I will share my favorite Book of Mormon hero that I have never really shared but in Alma 44: 12-14, we read about The Solider of Moroni.  He is a beast and not because he scalps a dude, but think about it, a man who comes in saves the life of one of the most popular Book of Mormon heroes, stands up to the enemy, announces his stand and beliefs and then slips away and we never know his name! If i could be any kind of missionary that is who I would be like.  I want to be able to be remembered for what I did, but never the name. I may or may not have shared that before but that is my thought for the week!
Elder Miguel out!"


  1. Reading this and hearing that passion that drives the missionaries was really uplifting to read this Sunday! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Moroni is also my favorite. He was Mormon's favorite, too. :) It sounds like your son is on fire. That is the BEST way to live life. I'm happy that he is finding success and joy in his service.


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