Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Grievous Error

Just yesterday I remarked on my tithe of 24 minutes in relation to a 24 hour day.  It sounded good...and though I claimed I had thought it through, I had not thought it through as well as I should.  In relation to mathematics,  I am not even close in reaching my goal of a tenth of my day to the Lord.  Exactly one tenth of a 24 hour day is 144  minutes...Over two hours.  But assuming God knows I have to sleep, and sleeping an average of 8 hours per night, that leaves my tithing of time to the Lord at about 96 minutes per day.  You can see my grievous mathematical error here where I am only giving 24 minutes.

My kind reader pointed out my error.  She is a lovely blogger with great messages and had no mean intent.  But, I couldn't help but feel as if I came up lacking with the Lord.  So, I thought and thought some more...after much consideration, I am amending my time with the Lord to include service to others and family.  Because when you are serving others, you ARE serving Him.  Conveniently I know I will be well over the 144 minutes OR the 96 minutes each one making me feel  much better about myself and my commitment to Him.  I will continue to give what I can in my study hours, 24 minutes...30 minutes...whatever it may be, but as long as I am pondering on Him and helping others, then I do believe I can achieve that goal quite easily.  I wanted to clarify this in the event you though my ideas enlightening and awesome and eye opening...I was wrong, wrong, wrong and stand corrected.  I am grateful for followers like YOU who love me despite my faults, short comings and mathematical errors.

And let me just say, 
it's a darn good thing I'm not a math teacher or banker!  


  1. My math skills are about as good as my cooking skills--maybe slightly better, which isn't saying much. I was quite happy with the 24 minutes :).

  2. Hahahaha, now I feel bad! Like ^^^ I was feeling pretty good with the 24 minutes! I serve children and make them smile all day at the library, so I feel that pleases the Lord. Being kinder to my family and husband is always a bonus too... I enjoy reading talks while on breaks at work too!

  3. Oh you know, I never caught that. I just liked the message of tithing your time. I'm a writer. I don't do math! ;)

  4. :) I gave you props in my post today! I felt bad being Debbie Downer... but it's good to be accurate. I am not an accountant either... I just figured that number out because we were discussing in a staff meeting (strange coincidence? I don't think so.) AND OF COURSE I love you, I like your blog too. I hope you love me for raining on your parade {or post... whatever} ...


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