Monday, March 4, 2013

Grateful for Facebook

I'm grateful for Facebook.  There's that word again:  Grateful, Gratitude, Thankful, Thanksgiving.  I know you are wondering, what the heck?  Yes, I am grateful for Facebook and their gentle reminder that my Military Man's 21st birthday was yesterday and Ladybug's 15th birthday is today.  I am forgetful in my old age.  They say a mom might forget the pain of child birth, but what they don't tell you is that the mom's might forget the birthday's if it weren't for the kindness of the good people at Facebook.

Actually, I could never forget my kids birthday's.  I'm just being funny here.  Happy birthday to my TJ, it was just yesterday you looked like this..

And Ladybug...

I still remember when TJ asked if we could put you back, that he wanted a brother.  
Sibling rivalry!  Yeah, that stuff starts early!  
I'm grateful for the opportunity to be your mother.  


  1. sometimes I DO forget my kids husband reminds me, just in case.
    fun pictures!!

  2. I'm grateful that facebook reminds me of birthdays, too! Very grateful.

    And those pictures? Darling.

    Have a wonderful day, Lisa!

  3. Happy Be-lated birthday to your kiddos! Praying years full of blessings lay ahead of them... And, I LOVE Facebook, too! :)


  4. It always surprises me the stuff we we never thought we could forget. A few years ago I got the dates mixed up in my head for the beginning of kindergarten for my youngest and he missed the first day of school. :)


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