Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring in ID

There are signs of spring all over...Sitting here on my porch I catch the sight, sounds and smells of the season. Color is popping out all over, the birds and bees are humming, and the smells...Very Fragrant! The smells of spring remind me of High School and Spring Fever, I still feel the anticipation of Summer that the emergence of spring brings. Here are some pictures I took in my yard. I'm trying to learn how to do closeups.


  1. Those are really great pictures...the color is so vivid!

    Welcome spring!--We've been waiting for you!!

  2. love those flower pictures! I like the tulip against the rock. that is a pretty shot!

  3. Are those actual pics from you yard? They are beautiful!

    I am looking forward to Spring too. Unfortunately on this side of the state it doesn't come until mid-June. :D

  4. lovely picts -- the color is so radiant!


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