Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild Life 2

We have a couple of huge trees in our yard which have become home to various flocks of birds at times. They come and go, leaving their presence known by the loud chirping and the little gifts that get left behind. This is a picture I caught with my zoom. I really love the details in the feathers. And a cute birdhouse that my cub scouts destroyed in my backyard. Gotta love those scouts!


  1. Is it snowing where you are right now?

  2. The close-up pick of the bird is awesome. I like how some of the branches are out of focus....very cool.

    How did the scouts kill your birdhouse? Did they use it for a pinata?

    It snowed yesterday...actually it was like a blizzard. We woke up to an inch of snow--I wasn't thrilled to see it. Spring in Idaho...gotta love it!

  3. No snow...I took the pics a month ago.

  4. I love that bird shot. Very nice!

  5. Pretty pictures!--I love bird watching...what type of bird is that, anyway?--

    I'm still working on winning the blue birds over...


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