Monday, April 20, 2009

Everybody loves?

I'm sure you are all familiar with the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond". I'm living my own version of that show. It is entitled, "Everybody Loves Lisa" I know, real original, and not exactly true. I can think of several people who don't like me. Their loss. Chances are they won't be reading this anyway, so I can say whatever I want. So, back to my show. I literally live across the street from my parents. I've been told and heard through the grapevine that I have some
sick mental disorder.
Well, I can state, while that may be true, it is not in this instance. After living across the country for thirteen years from my parents, we eventually settled in the same town, because my dad retired in close proximity to his grand kids. A few years later when the house across the street from my parents went up for sale, we seriously considered all the pros and cons. Here are the pros: 1. Great for the grandchild/grandparent relationships 2. We can literally just walk across the street when they need furniture moved or help with remote controls or computers, or anything older people seem to get confused about. (Sorry mom) 3. They have a pool. 4. I really hardly ever see them except on Sundays at church or in the summer. 5. Did I mention they have a pool.
Now they want to move. Doesn't that SUCK?!


  1. Wow, I am in awe!

    My husband said that his dad and stepmom want to move back to the same STATE, and I am freaking out.

  2. Someone thinks you have some "sick mental disorder"? Sounds juicy! Just kidding....some people should mind their own business.

    Your parents are thinking of moving? Why? Their house is beautiful! And their neighbors are perfect....right? Except for the lady across the street with the "sick mental disorder." Other than that...perfect! :D

    Would they move out of state? Just being nosy as usual! Happy Monday!

  3. It's good you have a good relationship that can take that. I went mental living in the same town as my mom. States away is much better!

  4. i live in the same town as my parents, and they have a pool, too. If they ever threaten to move, I'm gonna have some choice words for them! ;)

  5. no, they can't move unless they give you the house, then sure let em go. LOL, I mean its got a pool.

    If i lived across from my parents I would love it. I would raid her food storage and they would always have my kids. I would be in their pool all the time too.

    ::perhaps that's why my parents won't move close to me: LOL

  6. I thought I already commented on this!--oh well...

    I'm not sure how I would feel about living right across the street from my mom...

    The pool is definitely a bonus!
    not to mention the free babysitting that you would always have!--We just paid $50 for 6 hours of a babysitter the other night! arrrrrrrrr


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