Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been sitting here thinking about all the things that are going on this year, and I realized that 2009 will hold a lot of milestones for us. It is the year of my 4-0 birthday. It is the year of the BIG 20th wedding anniversary. It is the year that my oldest starts his senior year of high school, my youngest starts middle school and my middle son will be in 11th grade! It is a year of bittersweet; a year of mixed emotions. Mostly it is a year of:
I am struggling with ideas of what to do on these special days. We usually don't celebrate anniversaries in a big way. Maybe dinner out...I guess you could say I'm low maintenance. But this year is different, this year is BIG, this year is unique. Any ideas or suggestions on making this a spectacular, unforgettable 2009?


  1. Yeah I celebrated my 20th anniversary and 40th birthday pregnant!!!!

    Fun times, new chapters! Don't you want to stop time and keep everyone where they are? (well...)

  2. What a super year it will be!!!

  3. I'll pass on the pregnant and 40 deal.


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