Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texting Craze at my house

We added texting a few months ago and the verdict still isn't out on it just yet. I mean how does a teenage boy rack up 16,000 texts in a month? Better yet, how do I rack up 2,000 texts? I don't text anyone except my family! I've decided it is a great tool for the micromanaging mom. It is addictive though, and rude at times. The art of conversation is to be lost, I fear, to ty, yw, K, g2g, brb, lmao, you get the idea. It is like a new shorthand, a new form of writing, a new language in and of itself. And,
I love it!

Have you ever texted someone in the same room? I know, right?
Teenage boys are possessive of their texts. (Even though they know we are all powerful and can monitor their texts via the internet.) They don't want to share what they are writing and what is being written to them. So I've discovered that the Zoom on my camera can pick up their messages quite nicely. And, no he didn't get a snowboard for Christmas. He wasn't finished with his text. He got snowboard goggles.


  1. Have you gotten good at texting? It still takes me 10 minutes to pound out a text. But wow, 16,000 texts in a month? I'm impressed!

  2. I, like Erin, take forever to get out a 7 word text to my husband, so texting someone in the house, let alone in the same room, would be ridiculous for me. So you're as hip as any 20 year old I know. I guess there are good and bad things though about that talent ...

  3. I've never mastered the art of texting. I can type like the wind, but text, with all the acronyms, etc., forget it. Maybe that means I'm old!


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