Saturday, January 31, 2009

Red & Yellow Spice

The colors red and yellow bring warmth to my soul. Hints of their boldness season my home to a perfect flavor of spice and happiness. These colors bring summer to my winters and joy to heart. They remind me to always "live in the sunshine." Colors can reveal a lot about someone... RED:
"You are the cute and lovable type. You are picky but always in love and like being loved. Fresh and cheerful, but can be moody at times. Capable with people, nice, soft and they can love you for the way you are. Likes people who are easy to talk to and can make you feel comfortable."

You are sweet and innocent. Trusted by many people, and have a strong leadership role in relationships. You make good decisions and make the right choices at the right time. You dream of a romantic relationship.

1 comment:

  1. I love a dark red with a honey colored yellow. Thanks for the peek into your blog. Coming here via Modobjects at home.


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