Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let me clarify something...

Considering some of the comments I have received (some I chose not to publish), I feel it prudent to clarify some things. I have serious SARCASM issues. For the most part, I am never to be taken seriously. This poses a problem at times because the people who know me as a kidder and sarcastic don't know when to take me seriously and so then the opposite is true. I've learned this form of banter and communication from my dear husband. I spent years with hurt feelings until I finally realized that he is just full of CRAP! Sometimes I still don't know if he is all kidding aside or pulling me leg so I assume the latter and just give it back. In light of my previous post, I felt it necessary to clarify:
I certainly don't have a self-esteem issue. I really DON'T need followers to feel validated (although it is nice). I feel validated from the ones that I love and who love me back. I mostly feel validation from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Perhaps I need a bit of this to tone it down?


  1. Nearly every blogger that I know has done the sad, sad blogger post so DON'T feel like you did a bad thing. I've done it a few times in fact. Keep up the good work! I think you are very creative!

  2. love the ad for Sarcasma. The side effects are even better. :) Any drug that gives me turret's, muteness and excessive drooling is a MUST to add to my morning vitamin routine.

  3. HAHA!...that's awesome!

    Screw the beloved Scottish family crest...THAT should be my family's coat of arms.


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