Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why is it....

Why is it that when you make the mental commitment to conveniently "be on vacation" for Church on Sunday, someone inevitably calls to ask you to do something? Seriously, every time! And, because ultimately we do the right thing, Sunday "vacation" is hereby canceled. How does HE do it? Why does HE care so much whether I go or not...I guess I shouldn't break my perfect 2009 attendance. At least, not yet! Trying to be an angel, but my halo is a little more crooked than this...


  1. You make me laugh! It has happened to me too!

  2. I always find that when I have those kind of Sundays where I just want to stay home those are the Sundays that I really need to be there. Satan is working hard to get me to stay home because I always gained something great from the lessons that he just didn't want me to hear!


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