Friday, January 2, 2009

What could be sexier than this?!

Okay, I don't know about you but there are a few things that I find truly sexy... Not long ago I took a Love Languages quiz by Dr. Gary Chapman. He has written a book that is supposed to help marriages by deciphering what your love languages are. Now, I do love a gift for a birthday or Christmas, I'm not really a gifts person. The greatest gift my husband can give me is the gift of service. I find it so exciting to have Kevin offer to help do dishes or make lunches. It is amazing when he vacuums or starts the laundry. I love to see him work on our home and yard to beautify it. What a lucky woman I am to have a husband who recognizes what means the most to me, picks up on those clues and gets things done!


  1. I own a book called Porn for Women, filled with pictures and sentiments similar to this! Careful, or you'll be censored...

    Thanks for dropping by the Little Fish.

  2. I'm enjoying your blog, too! I agree, a sexy husband is one who is also a "can do" man around the house! We're lucky ladies, hmmm?

  3. My birthday is coming up and the only think I keep thinking I want from Ron is to have him do the dishes, or clean the bathroom, or I'm thinking of painting and would love to have him help. Service is always a great gift!


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