Friday, January 23, 2009

Followers Wanted, DESPERATELY

My blog has been visited by people all over the country and in various places around the world. But, alas, there are only three people who like me enough to be a follower and one of them is MY HUSBAND. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and am grateful to my three followers. But, this is beginning to affect my self-esteem here! Perhaps my life is too mundane (true that!). Perhaps my writing style is annoying (possibly, too many text sizes and colors). Perhaps I am too full of myself. (To that I say, "You haven't heard my husband!") Either way, I am who I am, and I am desperately lacking in the follower department. I am hereto forthwith on a quest for followers. Does anyone like me enough to be a follower? Not like a leader has a follower, just as writer has a reader or four or five or six... Please, please, please, please, please?


  1. My sister and I were just laughing about how obsessed we are with having followers...Why does this define us? So funny...

    There! you just got yourself a 4th!

    PS..How did you find my blog?

  2. My sister and I were just laughing about this earlier--we have a friendly little competition going on as to how many followers we can get...what's the deal? Why does this define us? :)

    There! You've got yourself a 4th follower!

    P.S. How did you find my blog?

  3. What a dork...I didn't realize that you had to review your comments first--so I just typed my message twice...thinking that I didn't post it right...sorry--

  4. Hey, anybody from Idaho is okay in my book! :) I grew up in Idaho Falls.

    So count me in.

  5. I will be a follower! Chin up!

  6. i don't have any blogs I follow, but as soon as i get a second, i'll try to figure it out, and then i'll add you! thanks for the comment.....

  7. I don't do the followe thing, out of principal, but I am reading!

  8. I feel your deep hearted pain!!! It is almost like a popularity contest at times and we all take it so personally. (can you say high school! ugh!:( ) I have finally come to the conclusion that I will blog for me and no one else. All the comments are just cherry on the cake!'s easier said than done.

    A few things you might try to get more followeres are:

    1. host a giveaway and ask your friends to advertise it.

    2. Don't be afraid to visit blogs on other's blogs and leave comments. That's the #1 best way to make blogging friends is to start commenting on others.

    3. People really like a variety and I think you definitely have that.

    4. Also, I think people really like it when we comment and actually make a wholesome comment and not just a generalized comment. We all need validation I guess! (listen to me, I'm a freak)

    Maybe these will help. The whole comment thing can get really upsetting if that is why you are blogging. Some people just blog for journaling and they don't give a crap if anyone ever comments. I wish I was that way!

    I've actually stopped commenting if I have no comment. Some posts are just simply dumb or boring. I'm trying not to stress out. In fact, there are some blogs on my sidebar that I really don't love and I might just sever the ties. Ooooo, now I'm just being mean!

    Love ya! Love your blog!

  9. If you are good enough for Shannon,(my blog friend seeking sister) you must be either funny, interesting, or have ducks. I see no ducks, so I will continue reading and following! I am from the east, so I really enjoy hearing about what goes on the other side fo the country. Congrats on your newest follower - ME!


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