Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Absenteeism, Back Pain and other Random Stuff

I've been absent from the blog world, at least last week.  You probably didn't notice much difference because of that lovely little thing referred to as 'scheduling posts in advance'.  Yeah, I was gone last week at girls camp.

Would you believe in the weeks prior to girls camp, I began having back problems?  I'm a wait and see kind of girl, thought it was stress, and Friday before Girls Camp, I figured it was time to hit the doc and have a look see.  There wasn't much he could do Friday afternoon with me leaving on Monday morning.  Thank goodness for some powerful drugs and an air mattress.  I did survive girls camp, though at times I'm not sure I was blooming where I was planted.  I was not able to go on the hike with the girls.  If I had tried, they very well may have had to two man carry me out of the mountains.

No, I stayed back and relaxed with a friend who drove me to town for lunch and fresh salt water taffy in McCall.   Ah, the life...The girls were jelly, just sayin'.

Now that I'm back, the doc sent me to a Chiropractor.  I've never been to a Chiropractor before...In all honesty I thought it was hocus pocus stuff.  But you know what, my spine is all out of alignment as well as my hips.  I saw the x-rays, it's true.  And if my doc recommends it and the insurance pays for it, it can't be a hoax.  And you know what else?  I felt amazingly better after one visit.  It is going to take more visits than one to fix my issues...dang desk job, but I'm on the track to recovery.  I only wish I had taken care of things earlier, then I could have gone on that hike.  See what I missed?  Aren't they beautiful girls?

And then after Girl's Camp was over, they released us all as leaders to give others the opportunity to serve.   I guess they thought we were tired after all that work...This release has been so bittersweet.  I'm not gunna lie.  But, well, I guess I can focus on my back recovery and maybe some things I have neglected around the house....

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  1. Take care of yourself! Summer is a great time to stay off the internet a bit more and be outside enjoying life.

  2. A good chiropractor is a real blessing. Being released from YW is always bittersweet, even if you are really looking forward to doing something different. I don't know what it is about that calling. I'm sure they will put you somewhere else really fast. :)

  3. Eeeek! Back stuff is horrible. Dumb desk job. Dumb, dumb!

    Love the picture of the girls!


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