Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers X 3

**Originally posted on 6/17/2012**

There are three very important Father's in my life.  Three Father's who I would certainly be lost without in my life.

God the Father, my Heavenly Father.  He gave me life, he blesses me daily, he is my confidante, my helper and he loves me unconditionally and he touches my soul.  He gave His Son for me!

My Dad...He gave me life, too, along with my mom, of course.  Dad taught me to be spiritual.  He taught me love for God, reverence, the importance of honesty.  How to pay bills and balance a check book and think before I make decisions.  More importantly, he is my hero.

Then there is KT, who shows me how much he loves me by how hard he works to provide for us.  KT serves God through church service and the example he tries to set for his family and others.  He is helpful and understanding when there isn't a glorious dinner on the table every night.  Sometimes it's just grilled cheese and milkshakes, baby, so he'll pull out the griddle.   He may not have given me life like the other two fathers, but he saves my life every day.  Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in the dailies of life or the atrocities in society.  He gently talks me down, holds my hand or rubs my neck.

All three Fathers are an integral part of who I am, and without any of them I would feel entirely lost.  I am grateful this Father's Day for the three Father's in my life.

The following quote, I feel, can apply to any of these Father's.

"Trust your father. He is not perfect, but he loves you and would never do anything he didn't think was in your best interest. So talk to him. Share your thoughts and feelings, your dreams and your fears. The more he knows about your life, the better chance he has to understand your concerns and to give you good counsel."
~M. Russell Ballard~


  1. you and i are blessed to know we are blessed!

  2. Beautiful Father's Day post!! I hope that is a good day for you and the fathers in your life!

  3. So sweet! It's a wonderful thing to know that you have strong, godly men in your corner... ;)

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Love this post, thanks for sharing! Awesome quote to add to my list!


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