Friday, June 14, 2013

Summertime Lovelies

I love changing things up for the seasons in my home decor.  Summer is no different.  I go for simple changes.  Since Memorial Day, I have been leaning toward the Patriotic decor...we have Memorial Day, Flag day and Independence Day.  The following are some fun ideas I came up with to change up my decor and reflect our Patriotism.

I love changing up my mantle. A cute, seasonal printable is an easy change up.

I found this one here.

Red, white and blue table runner...

Easiest wreath EVER...I still feel like it's missing something.  Any suggestions?

Oh, and Happy Flag Day?

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  1. Maybe something to balance the red on the other side of the daisies? (your wreath)... I love the idea of the cute signs in frames... I need to do that more!!

  2. I still have Easter decorations up. . .that's how far behind I am on changing out the decor. BUT my brother is coming to visit next weekend so I should have it changed by then. I hope.

  3. LOVE! So cute and summery! :)

  4. I have serious patriotism-envy. It's just not like that here, and even if I did my best to get my own country-pride goin', we just lack the array of days, accessories and haberdashery to do it well...I could get creative, I guess...but nonetheless, the envry is there.

  5. I think the wreath goes nicely with your front door. :). I also like changing up decor with the seasons.

  6. You're way ahead of me. I think I'm still finding Christmas things around :). Maybe a big white or white with a pattern ribbon on the wreath. The decor looks lovely.

  7. Cute cute!! I like your wreath, maybe add a letter? I am all about everything having a monogram!


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