Friday, June 7, 2013

Dinosaurs and Landlines

The other day we fully immersed ourselves into the 21st Century.  We've moved into the now, and dusted the past off our shoes and left it at the door.  Strange that I should feel some nostalgia over a landline.  We had that same number for 17 years!  But, landlines are dinosaurs!  I mean who has them anymore? Well, we did!

One day I realized that the only people that call on my landline are phone solicitors and my Mother in Law.  Who wants to pay an extra $60 per month for that?!  And the Mother in Law rarely calls anyway....So...

KT had express instructions to let his mother know of the change.  First day disconnected...she calls!  Since she rarely calls, I sensed a bit of irony in that.  And the first thing out of her mouth?  "Why didn't you pay your bills?"  Um...yeah...

We did pay our bills, just opted for a little extra cash in our pocket each month...I mean we are paying to support a missionary.  We sided with simplicity...

For your weekend, I hope you can find something to simplify 
whether it is financial, physical or time.

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  1. That phone picture brought back so many memories. It's like the transition from rotary to button phones. Very cool.

  2. I would love to be able to can our phone! Maybe someday! Unfortunately, we still live rurally enough that there is some benefit to having a reliable phone for conversation (our coverage cuts in and out on our cells a lot). SOMEDAY!

  3. I still have a landline. I might cancel it though. I rarely use it anymore.

  4. I still have a landline, too. We'll probably get rid of it soon.

  5. I have considered getting rid of our $20 a month landline, but it's so hard to imagine doing it. Everytime I think I'm ready I start to hyperventilate and just can't do it!

  6. My parents got rid of theirs a loonnng time ago. They have cell and work numbers, so that is enough for them! We live in an apt and never have had one, pocket that $60 girl!


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