Monday, June 17, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

"These past couple weeks have been pretty tough to be honest.  All of our investigators have been droping off and we are just trying to rebuild.  This week we killed it again on new investigators, it is just they are never there when we go back.  It gets really frustrating when you have a ton of appointments, and no one is home! Thats okay God gave them agency :p But anyway on my birthday our dinner canceled so we ended up spending dinner with some other Elders. They tried to make me a cake but they burnt it, it was super funny! We had to go buy a new cake mix and try again.  The second attempt was much better. It was a pretty funny night. 

This week we taught a guy named Joe who is really looking to change.  He is in AA and through the people he knows in the Church he really sees that the Church is good.  We are excited to meet with him again.  A family brought a friend to Church, as well, his name is Michael and he is 16. He is interested in what the Church is all about  and staying with them for the summer so we are going to go start teaching him tonight. We are on the rise now it was just a hard start to the week. We have an appointment that we actually have to go to in about 10 minutes with a guy named David who wants to see if he would allow his family to hear our message so we gotta go!!!
Elder Miguel Out!!"
3 nephi 11: 41 "Therefore, go forth unto this people, and declare the words which I have spoken, unto the ends of the earth."

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  1. A boy I taught in Primary received his mission call to the Georgia Atlanta Mission this past Thursday!! He enters the MTC in August.

  2. Oh I remember those days. Showing up at appointment after appointment and no one was there or they were there pretending not to be :). Bless him!

  3. He's doing a great job. I think missions are more about planting seeds than actually seeing the fruits. It's always nice to see someone become truly and completely converted, but I am sure your son is planting seeds that he will never see grow but that will someday make a huge difference in the lives of many. And he just keeps going! So wonderful!


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