Monday, June 3, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

Miguel sent a letter home last week that broke my mama heart.  Some of the things people do, say and how they treat others, particularly my Miguel, just breaks my heart.  I can't believe some people are filled with such hatred.  Everyone is going through something, and they are all Heavenly Father's children.  I try to remember that when my heart ached  for the experience my son went through.  Everyone is someone's son or daughter.  They are loved and treasured and not to be treated like a parasite...Today is Miguel's 20th birthday, I'm sharing a few moments from his life, sharing a mother's love for her son, and Miguel's experiences this past week follows below...

"This week our top investigator, Adam, dropped us.  He said that he was not ready to make a covenant with God, but that we deeply affected his life and how much we have changed him.  It was kind of a weird experience because I have never had someone drop us for that reason. He did say it wasn't a closed book, and he is going to continue reading the Book of Mormon.  I was just not expecting it because of how spiritual our meetings had been.  but 

This week we taught a lady named June for the second lesson and she actually invited two of her friends.  The member we had brought along really hit it off with them and actually extended the invitation to come to church,  It was a great lesson, and she invited us in again this coming week. 

Also this week we met some people who really persecuted us pretty heavily.  One guy when we knocked on his door came out cussing and yelling when we hadn't said anything, yet.  Later that same day we were in a neighborhood contacting a less active member, and I stopped and talked to a guy and his neighbor came out yelling that I was breaking the law and while he was in our face yelling at us his neighbors decided to join in when we were just walking away.  So we had about five people yelling at us in the middle of a neighborhood about soliciting when we had not knocked on a single door.  It was sad how hard people's hearts are.  Elder Loertscher and I kind of laughed it off. 

Sunday was kind of a hard day, we had 3 appointments cancel, and couldn't seem to find anyone to talk to.  We prayed for miracles over and over again and we ended up teaching three different people, getting 21 meaningful contacts, and after that when we went home to make dinner for ourselves at 8:00 our neighbors invited us to come eat with them!  We are now going to be teaching one of their sons who was over for the bbq it was a great testimony of diligence and the Lord answering prayers. 
Elder Miguel Out!"

Happy 20th Birthday, buddy...Mama misses you.

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  1. Your son has a wonderful attitude and is remaining focused and steadfast. That is so awesome!!! If people are mean to him for Christ's sake then he will be able to stand confidently before his Savior knowing that he suffered for Him and did everything he could and never shrank before the task. What a great example of missionary perseverance! What a mature 20 year-old.

  2. Those moments are very hard, but they go by quickly. Glad he could brush it off.

  3. Better to ignore the mean people in life. It means they have no life or quite angry and bitter. Another obstacle to overcome. Just be the stronger person and stand up for your beliefs. Thank you for your visit and support. xo Linda

  4. Maybe I'm a little emotional because I just had a baby but his letter brought tears to my eyes! I think I kind of know how you feel as his mama, just imagining my boys in that situation. Thanks for sharing! <3

  5. Sending you mama bear hugs!! He will grow stronger from dealing with people like that. So trashy! Bless his heart! That picture is from Stone Mountain I do believe!


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