Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Must Have Done Something Right

In all my scroogie-ness over Valentine's Day, I must have done something right. 
This was delivered to me yesterday from TJ the Military Man.

Thanks T!

On another note,
here's a Valentine's facebook exchange
between myself and KT

KT StatusHappy made up bogus greeting card and candy maker holiday!!!
MeYou are such a delightful man to be married to...
Random personlolol xD
Me:  "Every day is like Valentine's Day when your married to me..." spoken by a true cheapskate ;)
MeI'm just kidding, really. I loved the movie you got me, big KT. 
(He's really not that bad, Random person's name here, don't let him fool you)   
Random personOh, I know. I just find this freakin hilarious. haha 


  1. What!? Heart shaped pizza!? That is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I want one.

  2. Normally I don't think Valentine's is a big deal. But since my kiddos are in school they really get into it.

    The Army Man sent me flowers. Which was totally unexpected since I didn't expect him to remember.

  3. How totally adorable!!! I've never seen a heart shaped pizza!

  4. Reading your fb exchange made me want to click "Like." ;)


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