Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy Laziness an Oxymoron

I've been busy lately. Not the kind of busy that has me running here and there, from this appointment to the next, but the self inflicted, I feel like playing bejeweled all day or curling up on the couch with a enthralling book kind of busy. Have you ever pondered the complexities of how dirty a house can actually get before someone cleans it?  I guess a better word for my busy-ness is just pure unadulterated laziness.  Truly!

AND, it has affected my blogging, too.  Not that I haven't had some blog posts, but really, they haven't been meaty, the stuff of sustenance.  I've also neglected you, my fellow blogging buddies.  I promise here and now before God that I do solemnly swear that I will read and comment more on your blogs.  Cross my heart and hope to die.  Because with the new rising and setting of the sun, I have awoken.

Does this seem bizarre to you or is it just me?


  1. Seems like a normal day to me. Is it winter? I can't wait for some warm weather to rejuvenate me.

    I love the description of a new morning; a new day.

  2. I go through phases. I have a cleaning phase where the whole house sparkles and I keep up with the never ending laundry. Then I get distracted by a book and stop cleaning entirely. The house goes to pot until one day I just can't stand it anymore.

    So yes. It all makes perfect sense to me.

  3. Oh this is SO me right now.
    I'm stuck in a rut with life, work, home etc.

    My old blog use to be fun. Then I created a new one because I "ran out of room" on the old one. Psha!

    The new one is lifeless and no one will post for me. OR transfer my pictures over. Oh, I guess that is my job. sigh....just keep swimming.


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