Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sun is Rising

Yesterday morning as I was driving to work in the frigid, chilly temperatures I noticed something strange on the horizon. Like an old friend returning, I was beside myself with excitement. There in the eastern sky, just above the mountains was the inkling of daylight. Just an inkling, mind you, just enough to take the pitch dark out of the heavens. Later, after a glorious day of sunlight, that old friend stuck around just a little bit longer. Instead of setting at 5:00, it was almost 6:00 before the dusk of the evening seemed to settle in. When did that happen? Have I just crawled out of my hole in the ground where I try to hibernate the winter away? Without the cloud and fog cover that has graced us recently, I was able to enjoy almost 10 whole hours of sunlight. Those amazing, energizing hours of daylight leave me feeling productive and with a clean home....So despite the fact that it is COLD like 20 degrees cold, spring is on it's way....


  1. I always enjoyed seeing the first of the sunrise when I was going to work. If I had to be up that early at least I could see the sunrise.

    Found you on MMB.

  2. Beautiful picture!!! Can't WAIT for spring!!!


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